Naked Activism is the aim of this page, as well described via the Nacktiv paradigm. I have a dream... When you believe in a thing, sometimes you have to just stand up for it, and not simply submit to the simple and usually ignorant majority opinion, even when your partner may object. Lest any take exception to my use of ignorant here, I would like to clarify that I mean this in the unknowledgable, inexperienced or uninformed sense, and not in any other. Bear in mind the content of Article 10 and Article 11 of the European Commission on Human Rights' - described on the society page.

The links here are to resources which might be of use for people engaged in naked activities, outdoors or in public, or any place where there are people who think the naked body should be hidden for any reason. This is not to say that I advocate the position that everyone should always be naked at all times, far from it - it is important to have choice. Rather, there should be no legal reason why people should not be naked, if they so choose to be. Neither are all of these links solely for outdoor nudists, some are activist oriented, some nudist oriented, some are social studies, and some are even simply interesting :-)

Of course Steve Gough's walk from one end of Britain to the other, Land's End in the south of England to John'O'Groats in the north of Scotland, was a more dramatic demonstration of naked walking. He wore no clothes from start to finish, for the entire 2 months walk, while I dressed for villages and towns. So while we have a different specific outlook to our naked adventures we share a common thread. It is such a shame that after he walked naked from one end of England to the other, the Scots felt they had to lock him up. Even when they released him without charge, they immediately rearrested him again - crazy, and what a waste of resources. Allegedly this farcical and illegal treatment of an individual has already cost the taxpayer in excess of one hundred thousand British pounds sterling. Maybe it's some sort of twisted revenge for William Wallace?

A colleague of mine once had an argument with me on the basis that he thought the atrocities of the past were history: the witch-hunting and the inquisition, torture and execution, of people who do not toe the line, could not happen today because we (!) are enlightened and may justly call ourselves civilised. Of course, that's what the Romans said, when they were busy 'civilising' Gaul. As I write this (2006-03-23), I have just heard that an Afghanistan man, returning to his homeland after several years in Germany, was arrested on entry to his own country, and is about to be hung (!) because he declared himself a Christian, which faith has been outlawed in that country. By these standards it might, I suppose, be possible to regard the Scots attituded to Gough as enlightened.

Both countries, Scotland and Afghanistan, (whether signatories or not) directly contravene Article 10 and Article 11 of the European Commission on Human Rights', and probably the Geneva Convention too - described on the society page. The principle is the same, it's just a matter of degree.

Let's not forget Steve Gough, Vincent Bethell, and Terri Sue Webb, for their singular battlesagainst ignorance and prejudicein our allegedly enlightened Modern World of the 21st century.