Naked activites are harmless, healthy and fun and the more people who realise this the healthier, in both body and mind, the people of Europe and the world will be. hiking naked in the remoter regions of the European Alps and environs. However this site also has links to many related activities, naked cycling , running and riding , etc. (and of course there are links to some of the more traditional nudist activities of swimming and sunbathing too).

The Nacktiv site has a nice term for the combination of Naked (Nackt) and Active (Aktiv), which we might partially even localise the term into English with a bit of artistic license: Nacktiv -> Naktiv. Naktivities being somethingNaktiv people do whether they are official Nacktivists or not. The key here is not just to be naked but to be active at the same time, (instead of simply lying about roasting in the sun like a dried up old lizard), preferably outdoors because that's where the sun is. Also, this new term particularly embodies people who do not wish to be penned in by the metaphorical bars of traditional nudist camps and clubs. Some people may ask why run around outdoors naked when it is possible to do this indoors, if at all? The reasons are many and each individual will be able to answer this question for themselves better than I, but perhaps there are some common threads which we can mention here: a sense of freedom, a feeling of coming closer to nature, facing personal challenges, challenging commonly accepted society norms and of course simply having fun.

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One of the many complaints the womenfolk seem to have about their menfolk these days, (or has this always been the case), is that they are not in touch with their feelings and why can men not be more sensitive? Well, here are men , and women too, who wish to get in touch with their natural side, get closer to nature, experience life at a positively emotional level. While it appears that once men do become sensitive, women seem not to actually like it, it is up to the male population to insist that it is ok to express themselves exactly as it is ok for women to, and not to be so sexist about this subject. It also seems to be the case that many, possibly most, people are more concerned with what their neighbours might think, of how to con, (by pretending to be something they're not), their friends, work colleagues and relations, rather than living simply and being honest with one another. I remain me, whether I'm clothed or whether I'm naked. I don't mean to say that I am honest just because I am naked - that would be as daft as those who say all nudists are perverts or that none of them are - but I am still me, clothed or not. If more people, could experience the humbleness of being naked and alone, surrounded by a vast and completely uninterested space, (the universe in which we as sentient individuals so temporarily exist), perhaps there would be less strife, and a little more happiness, in the world? We can dream, can't we?

The reasons, for wanting to be a nudist, whether public or private, social or family, open or secret, political or principled, are many and varied and will vary with each and every person, at any age or time. Note that this isn't a club, it's a loose community of individuals. Perhaps that's part of the clue as to what this is all about?

And finally, as Bon Jovi said: "...have a nice day! :-)"