10 reasons to be naked socially

You can be a nudist alone in your home or you can become a social nudist who is nude with others, nude or not. Social nudity is shared by millions of nudists worldwide, whether at home with friends, on a beach, in a nudist resort or camping, in nature while hiking, or just anywhere it’s not illegal to be nude. Here are the 10 reasons I believe are good for anybody to be nude socially.

1. We are all the same
Yes, some are thin, some are fat, some are small, some are big, etc. But in the end, we are all human beings and we have been made on the same mold. So nothing to be scared about. You will notice nobody stares at you, and if it happens, ignore it. If it’s an insisting look, you may want to ask the person to stop but at the exception of voyeurs, just ignore them and enjoy your nakedness.

2. There is no judgment on how you are clothed
Brands are no longer useful to state who you are since you are naked. You may judge people by who they are not by what they wear. Some will use jewelry to enhance their naked bodies or will display tattoos. If that’s good for them and they are comfortable with them, then it’s cool by me.

3. Most nudists are friendly
Nudists are generally friendly with other nudists as they share this passion of being naked. Yes, this is a passion. Nudists love being naked and generally find all occasions to undress, finding like-minded people. Of course you cannot be friend with everybody, and that’s ok. Nudists are normal human being with different tastes, just one taste in common: nakedness!

4. It breaks all social barriers
There are no CEOs or unemployed people, there are only nudists, whoever they are in the textile world. And this is one of the coolest things. Nudity tears down all social barriers. Go to a nudist resort and you will meet tons of friendly people, and you will eventually discover very diverse jobs that may not have bumped into each other in any other setup.

5. Nude is beautiful
Non nudists find bodies awful and tend to see others with their flaws. A nudist is well in his or her body and believes other nudists feel the same. Therefore, all bodies are beautiful. This is one of the things I enjoy with nudists gathering. No piece of garments to show off, just our beautiful bodies we show the world.

6. It allows to discover new friends
When you are a nudist, you love being nude, but not everybody is a nudist. By meeting other nudists you increase the number of nudist friends with which you have more opportunities to be nude. This is the creation of a virtuous circle: the more nudist friends, the more opportunities to be nude.

7. You get no tan lines
When you go to the nude beach or to a nude resort, you can stay nude all day and avoid those horrible tan lines. Beautiful all-over tanned people.

8. Do all your preferred activities with a total body freedom
You can play tennis, go to the pool, cook, read, etc. without having to think about what’s you are going to wear. It’s easy, nothing! Stay as you are (as long as it is not cold, nor dangerous), since most activities can be done nude.

9. It’s natural
Being nude is natural. It’s living in our body without constraints. Nude is natural, it’s religious and social believes that has demonized our bodies and our commercial society that has sexualized it. Being nude is just living our life in our best suit: our birthday suit!

10. It’s fun
As nudists are friendly people, you do more fun activities and share great moments. My time is never dull at the nudist resort.

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  1. The points about 'Most nudists are friendly' and 'It allows to discover new friends' especially ring true with me. Our mutual preference for nudity is an obvious common interest, our other interests may vary greatly but we have something to immediately build a friendship on.

    In recent years we've been able to spend more and more time socialising in nudist circles. Circumstances will vary for others here obviously, I realise we're lucky to now have a good group of local nudist friends. Our nakedness is 'irrelevant' when we're together, its the normal way to be when with each other, but there is an added openness in all that we do together that is missing when with textile friends.

    At the same time we've attended a few get togethers where nudist clubs have held events aimed at both attracting new members and enabling us to meet new people in the nudist community. We've known a few people beforehand at them but also left all of them with new friends. Through simply sharing our mutual liking for nudity for a couple of days it has been a great foundation to build new friendships. Meeting while we're all naked means we're just ourselves from the off, that's one of the great things I like about being a nudist, clothing can't blur any false messages we may give off.

  2. I completely agree with all 10 pointers. I am 63 and I was lucky enough to have had very liberated parents & therefore social nudity has been an integral part of life for my family. I would also say that when you're with a group of other naturists the actual nakedness is almost irrelevant. People are people, as a saying says "We're all the same in the flesh!"

    • "nakedness is almost irrelevant" True Patrick. This one thing non nudist have difficulties to understand. We are naked because we feel good naked, therefore we take for granted nudists are well naked, so nakedness is really irrelevant, it's just your state of being.

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