Body Temperatures

I'm curious whether anyone else has noticed how much better the body is at establishing and maintaining a comfortable body temperature when naked, without feeling too hot or too cold.

A Great Day Out

I have just spent an absolutely wonderful day at the clothing optional resort south of Sydney called River Island. I've only ever been out here for day trips twice before.

Odd thoughts

A weekly chore my wife and I have is sorting laundry. Yes, we all have to wear clothes sometimes, but I digress. As I stood among the dirty laundry piled


The categories need a little work, a simple two-level tree with a sensible spread/layout would be good to create that is consistent across the entire site. Currently anyone can create


Is it your partner you respect, or their clothes? Respect need not be a fear-based emotion, true respect begins and ends with character. Respecting a person's rights to hold a

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