Picture Standards

Images of naked people. Yuk right? They have their dangly bits hanging out, piercings, tattoos. How about the old flabby ones. Who wants to see all that? Can't they just

is it different for girls?

I am interested to discover what both male and female members, think about the solo naked female hiker. Do you think that it's a different situation than that of the

Shame and Naturism

Have you discovered how artificial clothes are? How we, the collective, use them to conceal our true nature, use them as a facade to make ourselves feel powerful, relaxed, sexual

Naturism in Thailand

Before you dismiss Thailand due to the sordid reputation that has gained prominence, perhaps you could stop to consider that there is a whole country outside the "sex for sale"

nude abroad

Nude Abroad This is the tale of my first time going nude sun bathing on a beach in a foreign country, Tenerife one of the Canary Islands. The weather here