9 Days

I just got back from a Nine day stay at Laguna Del Sol. It was a great time. I went by myself, which is okay, and from the time I

Liberating Hayling beach

I don't usually upload beach 'selfies' but this one has a point. http://www.naktiv.net/photo/13853/2014-06-23-16-37-51/albumid_2057/ This was on a textile beach. Albeit very empty with the only people on it more than

Armagedon or what?

Mmm.I was asked by my son the other day why there is so many adds on TV and radio from funeral companies(up to 10),Insurance companies(lost count) and government health adds


I went out on the bike this afternoon. It is very warm here at the moment, around 27c, and very muggy as well because of the clouds, so I didn't

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