After all, why nudism?

The question is legitimate. Why getting naked in front of others? Why doing activities entirely naked, like swimming, hiking or cooking? Many blogs, articles, and books provided answers, including mine

Any "MeToo"s here?

It could have been just something on Twitter or Facebook, but the last several days there was quite some online attention brought to sexual harassment (in general) and how subtle


The question of anonymity came up and how nudists aren't anonymous. While I don't care what you call yourself, I have seen quite a few "handles". I have a bit


Humans are not created wearing clothes. Clothes are artificial additions to our bodies. Humans created clothes for protection or warmth when needed. People are taught that wearing clothes is the

a break

We all need an occasional break from whatever. I took one from Facebook, after recent events, I can't keep wallowing in the daily political whatevers. So, I am off that

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