Nude Snowshoeing

I went nude snowshoeing yesterday. Temperatures barely came above freezing and the wind chill was OK because of the surounding forest. Around 35 cm of new snow over a couple

Help! Busted my camera

  Yesterday, I dropped my pocket camera [Canon PowerShot SX720HS] on the concrete floor, shattering the glass viewfinder.  It’s usable, but just barely.  Like one of the reviews said, the

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Don't try this at home kids

I am a total noob here and still feeling my way around. Just after I got up the courage to start a nudity oriented blog on Tumblr, they decided to

In the Sun

And so … after many months, I finally get around to putting some more words down. I could make all kinds of excuses. I’ve been so busy with work that

Hair removal.

Someone here said they had a concoction for removing hair without having to use a razor. I haven’t been able to find that post since then. Any help?

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I have been an active nudist for nearly 3 years.  I live in South East Queensland, in Australia.    Love the lifestyle and have met some really great folk.  

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