someone like comics?

    A comic about nudists? Well… yeah! ‘Cos nudists have adventures too, y’know. Loxie and Zoot just wanna have fun in the sun… au naturel of course… but not if their arch foe Tex Tyler and various other prudes have any say in it. Have a nice day! 4+

Skinny-dipping in post-war Italy

I am reading “Croniche epifaniche” by the Italian songwriter Francesco Guccini ( – born 1940). In this autobiographical book, he describes his childhood spent by his grandparents in the small town of Pàvana (in the province of Pistoia – N44°7’21”, E11°0’6″). The language is a mixture of popular Italian and dialect, not easy to read … Read more

Bees and a blossoming cherry tree

A blossoming cherry tree in this early spring: the first I saw this year – in competition with almond trees. Even the bees, with the midday sun, awoke and are at work. Is it all just heat, just chemistry, stimulus-response, action-reaction? Ah, how poor our words sound! Just as clothes are a means to convey … Read more

A rare day at work

It’s not often that I find myself alone at work and know there’s time before that changes. I enjoy the feeling of the air caressing my skin as I move around working 0

When other see me naked

On the subject «if you dare they don’t care». Towards the end of November it rained a lot, the path was filled with water. The strange fact, together with the particular incidence of light and the colour of the autumn leaves created a vision of a certain suggestion. I set my tripod and undress for … Read more

A surprise!

I had invited them to join me in having a cup of coffee one morning. They were two friends I had known for years and were of the same age. On-time, as usual they were at my front door with two other people. Although strangers they were very pleasant and we all soon began chatting … Read more

Goat-willows are blossoming

Spring is coming fast, it already looks like mid-March, but it is still February. This morning the surprise of a goat-willow (Salix caprea) full of gems! Irresistible a stop for a photograph, as if I needed to anchor this moment of nature with me: as to say “I saw you, I noticed you, and I’m … Read more

Architecture for the at home naturist

A question for all of us here on Naktiv. If you had the opportunity to design your own home for naturist living, what features would you include? What would you avoid or exclude? Is there any style of architecture that is particularly appealing to the nudist lifestyle?  Mediterranean, Rustic, Modern, etc? My limitations are that … Read more

Naturist soul

I consider myself naturist, but I have find it difficult to deal with in real world. Naturism is connected to nature, so I cannot really say that it fits well in a modern world we live in. The clothes emerged from a way to protect from us from weather, shame, to something that symbolizes our … Read more


We rarely get fog here on the lake two or three days a year. A little further south there is instead the great plain of Brescia and then the great Po Valley. The fog has a particular light, without shadows; it is like seeing the world and objects in a close-up, taking them out of … Read more

Finally a sunny dry day

Seattle is not known for winter sun.  But, this year has been exceptionally bad – rain every day between December 27 and February 6.  On our island, we had 10  inches (25 cm) in December and 15 inches (37 cm) in January.  The snow level has gone up and down so that ski areas are either … Read more

Anthology update

So far, the committed authors to the short story anthology “Murders on a Nudist Colony” are: Paul Z Walker, author of the Naked Crow series, the Mirror Earth series, and many more books [The Netherlands] Will Forest, author of Coed Naked Philosophy, Aglow, and numerous short stories [USA] Ted Bun, author of so many good … Read more

**Breaking News** Al Quaida Leader taken out by Donald Trump!

I’ve heard reports that Nancy Pelosi is sticking pins into a Donald Trump voodoo doll as we speak 🙂 Any other Trump supporters on here, don’t answer all at once now peeps 🙂 🙂   1+

Naktiv Rocks!!

Just a short paragraph to thank Richard Foley for this fantastic and totally free blogging site, unlike its insignificant rival faceache totally free of any irritating adverts:) An enormous amount of work has gone into developing and maintaining this unique resource. If you have a few quid to spare it’s well worth donating 🙂 Remember … Read more