With this self-isolation,  I have to admit I haven’t been too fussy about wearing too many clothes in going about doing chores in the house. The only visitors to our front door is a young lady called Carol who fetches supplies from the local shop and drops them on the doorstep. It was a particularly … Read more

Dare To Bare & Care ?

With the spread of Coronavirus throughout Europe & the UK we certainly began to worry not only about our own health (being in an ‘At Risk’ group), but we also have to worry about the devoted & amazing care staff that come in to visit us 3 times daily. Although they now wear P.P.E. for … Read more

Spring is here

Spring is here but winter still has it’s cold grip on us. With only a few days left in  March of 2020 it snowed all day yesterday but today it is gently raining. I’ve been cold all winter and had very little nude time even in my own home so I am really looking forward … Read more

Enough is enough

Reality is beyond imagination. After writing my last post (The right over our body) I went to the supermarket (500 m away). At the entrance, a corridor led me to a checkpoint where a security man measured fever to other customers by pointing a digital infrared thermometer on the forehead. That was the straw that … Read more

The right over our body

This pandemic is changing our lives. And it’s a choice we wouldn’t want. First, because they didn’t ask us for anything, and with the mean of terror and sanctions, they have cornered us. But with this, they have revealed what “power” really is. The most major threat is the seizure of our bodies: 1) being … Read more


A couple of pics from my hols in Lanzarote in February 🙂 Anyone who needs advice on the naturist scene on the island I will be happy to help 🙂 0

Running despite confinement

Since Tuesday we have been in confinement to try to fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, so no more sports training with my group of runners that I used to meet twice a week. But short displacements, close to home, linked to the individual physical activity of people are still allowed with a … Read more

Sunday morning

In a recent post of mine, I said that on the streets you could walk naked because there are no cars, there are no passers-by. Usually, on Sunday morning this road was very busy: cars, cyclists, people taking a walk, families enjoying the day off. This morning the road in front of my house looked … Read more

Nudists in Isolation

Perhaps while we are increasingly forced into Coronavirus induced isolation, we should look for opportunities to connect virtually with our friends for nude social exchanges via FacetTime or Zoom. 2+

Naked hiking in the UK.

Naturist Hiking – the skinny… Naturist hiking is gaining popularity now that a growing number of naturists are becoming more confident about being naked outside the confines of their clubs and gardens.  This article attempts to provide a beginner’s guide, and tries to answer those niggling questions that you are bound to have, as well as … Read more

Health-giving nature

These are great days! There is a silence that seems to have dilated perception; there is no longer the background noise of traffic. Everyone is retired indoors, while their health is outside, in the open air, breathing oxygen, moving around, feeling the warmth of the sun after winter. Nature is a healer, it has no … Read more


Morning all, another visual from my new life modelling website www.ciaranlife.com lots of cool stuff on there, I am updating this all the time now that all the art colleges I work for are closed due to corona 🙂 0

Free Beer & Pamela Anderson!! :) :)

Awfully sorry peeps but this posting has nothing to do with alcohol or the luscious Pammy 🙂 But now that I have your attention I’ve got a new life modelling website with lots of interesting solo and group art / photographic poses I have done 🙂 Plus an interesting narrative I have written about freedom … Read more

I don’t want to believe

This morning at 7 a.m., leaving for my usual tour, I read a notice that even the children’s playground was closed. I don’t know if the situation is *really* serious or if it’s getting worse under any pretext. The only defensive weapon I have is to ignore the news, don’t scare by myself, don’t feel … Read more

A Visit Of Electric Importance

We welcome visitors to our home, as many of you on here will know. From carers, neighbours to friends & utility callers, enquiring people who genuinely were curious about our lifestyle choices.  It has frequently caused ‘amusement’ when a look of ‘shock’ passes over someone when they realise that two ‘old’ people just live naked. … Read more

Povera Italia – Report from a ghost country

Lombardy and Veneto, the two regions most affected by the flu, are in an emergency situation, almost a health curfew. Schools, libraries, cinemas and museums are closed, as are restaurants, concert-hall, no lectures (this is the third week and will last at least until April 3). Masses are celebrated behind closed doors, at funerals (and … Read more

A rare visit.

We took a rare visit to a naturist club grounds a few days back, it was interesting to see people relaxing & enjoying a spell of warm weather yet still one or two people still had shorts on? As invited guests we felt awkward questioning why some folk didn’t strip totally and our hosts didn’t … Read more

New Report