Naked German doctors

  German family doctors are making an unusual protest: they are posing naked to report the shortage of PPE (protective clothing and equipment). Why naked? 1) The original meaning of the word (from the Greek gymnós) was “without weapons”, so is gymnastics and so were Spartan gymnopediai (war dance performed by youths). The … Read more

Springs here but damn it’s still cold!

Last weekend was to cold for me to try to be nude. The property is finally emerging from the snow with only a patches of snow left here and there. The weekends previous though were great temperature wise even with the snow. I really love being nude outdoors. It’s such a pitty that our laws … Read more

More Jam On It?

When I left school in 1966 I wanted to be a baker ! I could only see myself making loads of bread products and maybe doing a little bit of cake decorating as a profitable hobby. I began a job in a bakery on the Monday after I left school, my mother needed me to … Read more

Nude Beekeeping

After several years of wishing, I finally started my new hobby of beekeeping last year. Wishing to give the bees the most natural environment possible, I chose to use “top bar” hives, after doing a lot of reading online and in books. Last year’s bee colonies were a great learning experience, complete with successes and … Read more

Life Goes On

During this lockdown we have seen our ‘carers’ reduced to two from three, now they wear aprons, gloves and masks. We felt as if we were contagious in the beginning, but then we realised they were also making sure they brought no infection in to us. It really did feel very different being helped into … Read more

Two worlds

Like every morning I went out for a short walk in the country. It is against the prescriptions, not the law – and the prescriptions are unconstitutional, they have never been debated in parliament – fines are 300-3000 euros. On the one hand, I have this social and political reality in which, for better or … Read more

Climb to blackened injury (2)

We parted from our two pals on the long walk home. We must have looked like a comical pair, {almost} clean clothes covering coal blackened skin ! Lorraine had hurt her elbow and she began to cry, partly from her pains but mostly from the fears of what mother would say when we both got … Read more

Climb to blackened injury !

In the 1960’s it was great fun being a teenager when we had ‘pop’ music and lots of friends to enjoy it with. We also had many adventures where we could ‘go out and play’ for many hours feeling free to explore, unlike the situations today !  We didn’t mind staying dressed when we could … Read more

Sitting By The Fire

Being in this ‘Lock Down’ situation also brings back some memories of days way gone !  Where we lived when we were very young, I was around 8 my sis was 6 coming up to 7, the winters were really severely cold. Ice and snow would reach up past the window sill and cracks in … Read more

Home nudist

I used to work a job that started at 4 am and ended at 1 pm. The world is a ghost town in my state in the early am hours, a few 24 hr stores and a Dunkin Donuts are open that early but thats abouut it. I decided one day during summer to be … Read more

Easter Moon

Easter full Moon Yesterday morning I went out because I wanted to take pictures of the Easter Moon before the sunlight made it fade. The Civil Defence had left me a mask in my mailbox. It was the first time I’d ever used it. It’s mandatory in supermarkets, and everywhere. When I saw the photograph, … Read more


During this period of confinement exercise outings are permitted for 1 hour within a radius of 1 kilometre. I take the opportunity to explore the surroundings of the house.A path goes in the forest, normally used by the climbers who are going to reach a climbing area . From the small quiet horizontal path, a … Read more

Stay home they tell us…

Stay home the government says – essential journeys only; shopping for medicines and essentials only, nothing else! But you can take some exercise – just do it locally, don’t drive to a beauty spot or anywhere for that matter. Luckily they have included cycling in the list of permitted exercise. The fact that I could … Read more

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