Jam & Cream on it?

Back in 1966 I was just leaving school at 15 years old, I had a job to go into straight away which was pretty good. In that area it was a predominantly coal mining area, my mother and older siblings were ‘evacuated’ away from a major port, so I guess my options could have also … Read more

Navigating site.

Hey everyone, I’m not great with computers but I’m learning my way around this site. For example I thought I had posted this this morning but I don’t think it worked. Anyway I was wondering if we have an option on this site to have conversations directly with our profile friends? 0

Topless ladies threatened

Meanwhile in BC where it is legal for women to be topless – this happens. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/b-c-women-receive-threatening-letters-after-sunbathing-topless-in-their-backyard/ar-BB14JGue?ocid=msedgdhp 0


In this period of deconfinement of the pandemic, the practice of nautical activities has again been authorized. So, first outing of the year on Lake Monteynard. 3+


Hello everyone! I’ve just joined your online community. To be honest I am normally a bit of a technophobe but being stuck at home for the last few months I’ve been using my computer a lot more. 1+

Peaceful Day?

It’s so easy to enjoy a simple basic life, specially when the sun is out and the heat (here in the UK) hits 24c. We can’t travel too far as you know and our days are fairly restricted mobility wise, so whatever time and space we can get to enjoy some natural naked sun time, … Read more

Early morning honeysuckle

Yesterday the hedge was swollen with white and yellow flowers of the honeysuckle and brambles. This morning I find the hedge “sheared”. Along the same path, the fallen pappi of the cotton trees had already become seedlings – they disturbed the walk, and someone zapped away those too. I make do with what remains. Visitors, … Read more

1952 Ford 8N Tractor

The lady I bought my land from had an old tractor sitting out in the back yard.  It was buried halfway up its rims in mud as it had been there for at least four years since her husband passed away.   We traded it for custom-built handrails that I welded up for her front porch. … Read more

My blog

I took advantage of this time of compulsory confinement because of the pandemic to rebuild my blog about naturist hiking. In fact I destroyed the old blog and I started a new visual theme. I especially changed the aspect and the presentation of the pictures. It was a long work to take all the images. … Read more

The virus is over – Games go on

The virus is over. Games go on. The nature reserve reopened today after two months of closure. In the past two months, water birds have been able to make their nests in peace; the vegetation has grown luxuriant, the reeds (Phragmites australis) have grown through the cracks between the axes of the bridges. On the … Read more

In the Eyes of the lawman!

We had a visit from a police officer a few days back, he smiled as he entered our apartment to find us all nude. He stood by the doorway into the lounge as if he was unsure about actually coming into our lounge. Then as he looked at his notebook he looked around all 5 … Read more

Living Naked

For the last many months as the weather has heated up in Central Texas, I’ve been spending the majority of my time naked. It has become almost natural now. I never wear clothes in the house and seldom do when outside around the acreage property to mow or work in the garden. Every once in … Read more

We are the ghosts

Two months ago, I was writing a post “Report from a ghost country.” And now, two months later, things have changed so much that I can say «we are the ghosts». Without civil rights, without political representation, with increasingly precarious economic resources. The hammering propaganda has made us psychologically subjugated to the regime. Fear has … Read more

Face Covering Irony

It occurred to me that COVID-19 has presented an ironic turn-about. Every day, there are more news stories about people who are upset about requirements to wear face coverings or masks in public places. Some even react violently about the rules. While the debate over the coverings obviously is a multi-faceted argument, one thing is … Read more

Naked Car Wash

It’s May 4th and it is 95 degrees in Seguin, Texas and the car needs washing.  Am I going to wear clothes?  Hell no! I’m going to do it naked as it should be done.  Way better!  ( VIDEO ) 2+


Hi Peeps I’m new to this site but not to naturism. I’m looking for female friends who have the same interests as me. 2+

Happy Nude Gardening Day 2020

Hi guys!  I would never have believed that I would live to see the world in such a state. I have my own strong view that all the great and powerful countries should band together and hold the Communist regime accountable for this mess but I get excoriated for being a “racist” (but how can … Read more


I don’t know what all the fuss is about! I am avoiding this wretched virus by self-isolating naked in my house and garden. Fortunately, the weather has been kind just lately and I’ve been able to spend most days topping up my tan. I suppose I’m fortunate in having a garden where I can go … Read more

New Report