This Saturday: Naturistenlauf! I will participate in the 5k 🙂 The weather is said to be perfect this year! Let’s hope that everyone is able to be there, despite Corona, and enjoy the naked sporting event! 0

Naturism, No, It’s Not For Me! Never!

If you are a naturist and have talked about naturism with friends, you surely have some who told you they would never ever try. They cannot even think about showing their “private parts” to others. You may sometimes wonder how to convince them to, at least try. Here are three ideas to try to convince … Read more

Cover or No Cover

It is a good thing to wear a mask in public places such as shops or on public transport, no one really questions that now. The problem arises when someone with a medical condition affecting their breathing, having some kind of bronchial ailment, is excused wearing masks. Then somehow people like bus drivers or checkout … Read more

Tantra massage

Last Thursday, July 23rd at 10:45 p.m. the German television channel WDR broadcast a report of about 40 min. on the tantric massage. It can be of possible interest to many of us. At least for two reasons: 1) there is a way to the body, ours or others’, far from the “social distancing” that … Read more

Refreshing waters

This is a representative picture of yesterday’s beautiful hike along the Re torrent in the Inzino Valley (N45°43’12”,E10°10’38”), not far from home. The path runs along the stream: about every 500 m there is a small waterfall and a tiny lake. The water is crystal clear, refreshes, washes the sweat, restores tone to the muscles. … Read more

Love Lives On.

Sadly my soul mate, my sister Lorraine passed away in 1996. Only a couple of months later my amazing & emotionally very strong mother passed away too. Those beautiful people were the corner stones of my world, either one would always be there for me and would always care & share the best of times … Read more


Walking along the meadow, I was attracted by the colour of these flowers. On the one hand the flowers, beautifully numerous in full bloom, on the other hand, I didn’t even know their name. But I have books to look for and, in the end, I found that is called Salcerella (Lythrum salicaria, or purple … Read more

log in

Hey everyone, I’m have strange time logging in. I can’t seem to log out and yet it’s difficult to get back. Is anyone else having problems? 1+


The sea is a holiday that is always with you . This is a place where you forget about everything . Standing at the edge of the earth in front of an infinite cosmos 0

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