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As a 50+ woman who no longer has the pert breasts, flat tummy and smooth skin, is it any wonder that I don't post naked photos of myself. Is it any wonder that when I do go to a beach I make sure it's quiet, empty and during the week where I don't feel like I'm being compared to the under 30s who have yet to feel the ravages of time/motherhood and other of lifes vagaries. I do appreciate the members on here who are older, don't have the perfect bodies and yet will post photos of themselves, in their everyday environment doing everyday activites. However, there still appears to be those that feel it is their duty to post photos of the younguns. Or to quote "pretty young fillies" I was okay with it at first but it's getting a bit much. It's like I'm being shamed by being in a group where the perfect body is the preferred option. Maybe how I'm feeling is wrong but I can't help feeling as i do.

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  1. Hi Susan, it's important that this site have photos that represent the whole naturist population, not just the young and beautiful men and women. Each age has it's own beauty, but society in general deems it is only the young. I'm an old guy with things going down too, but I try to stay fit, eat well and exercise everyday. We can't stop the aging process, but we should celebrate it. Anyway, I bet you look terrific.

      • Who's to say what looks nice? I know there are probably some basic traits that are agreed by most, but for every feature that someone finds not nice, there'll be many others who love that particular shape, size or colour. I used to fret about losing my hair, or getting grey, I still do, but that's more to do with not wanting to accept I'm getting older (approaching 60). I work out to feel good and to improve my health (stamina, flexibility and strength). I like the look of people who look like they respect and yet enjoy their bodies, but I'm trying to be unconcerned about what people think of mine.

  2. I'm the same Gene. Wake up and tummy is not too bad. Then as the day progresses, eating normally (which is healthy and pretty clean) it grows. I'm having tests etc to work out why the bad pain. Deleting wheat has been helping. This is also why I'm pissed off with the body. I'm a newly qualified personal trainer and have no hope of getting a job the way I look 🙂

    • Not sure whether liking you comment is the right thing to do for this comment. I am a great big fat lump and I know it. I have tried every diet on earth I think but let me know if I have missed one. Every time I lose it goes back on more and more. I have to lose weight not just because I am fat but because I would like to live longer and have seen the photos I have taken of myself naked recently. Now I have to go for a fasting blood test Wednesday so hope its not the start of type 2 diebetis :o(
      However as to what you look like. Yer legs look great and you look super with clothes on and at the end of the day does it really matter what others think? My partner Ann loves me for what I am and took me on as a fat bastard so. Yes I want to lose weight for her and many reasons but she is not going to leave me if I don't lose weight.

        • I'm in no way perfect, and like most men as Richard pointed out have put most of the weight I gained as I got older on my stomach. Now if there is one thing I would like to change it would definitely be that. I'll see if i can get a copy of the book and report back in time. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I feel a kind of sorrow when I read your comments Susan because of the time I've spent hating my body over the years for varied and different reasons.

    I recently read something that helped me though.
    "Think about someone you love very deeply or unconditionally. Now think about how you view their body. Do you love them any less because of their body? Instead do you accept them as they are and love them as you do anyway."
    This is the relationship you should have with your body. It has gotten you through this life asking very little in return. You should be grateful to your body for the service it has provided you. You should love it unconditionally as you love those around you, accepting them as they are.

    This profoundly changed the way I think about my body. On one level I'm still not entirely happy with my appearance, but this is somewhat artificial.
    I need to unconditionally accept my body how if is. If I don't, I won't be attuned to what it's trying to tell me. I in turn will be sending it all the wrong messages, and will be trapped in a cycle of not eating to my bodies requirements. Overeating one day, under eating the next.

    It's easy to say to someone "don't worry about how you look to others. There will always be people more beautiful and less attractive than yourself."
    That's true and you know it to be. It doesn't change how you feel though. It doesn't change how you feel about yourself. It's this that matters more than anything else. How you feel about yourself.

    It's unfortunate that the perception we have of ourselves is entirely wrong.
    Imagine for a moment you're feeling terrible about your body. Somebody leans over and whispers in your ear, "gees you're gorgeous." You know this is a genuine compliment. In that moment, how would you feel about yourself?
    Your body hasn't changed, but your perception of it has, as has your reality.

    I hope one way or another you can reevaluate how you perceive yourself. If you're able to carry yourself like you're the best looking woman on the beach, you'd be surprised the difference that makes. Instead of seeing people look your way and thinking, "oh god, they're wondering what someone like me is doing here," you're more likely to think, "wow. People are actually noticing me and looking my way."
    It's entirely how you perceive yourself that will dictate how others see you.

    • Indeed, Shane. I'm not entirely happy with my appearance either. I'm sure I could improve my appearance, with more rigorous exercise and so forth, but there's no way anyone can turn the clock back. It's important to be content with what we are, and not worry about what other people's opinions of our looks might be.

      We are what we are, enjoy!

      • I turned the clock back once when I was 38. I did grueling exercise twice a week for 3 hours with a personal trainer. All of the exercise was aerobic and acrobatic. I did this twice a week for 9 months. I went from 230 lbs to 180 lbs all because I saw a pic of me on the beach and I said to myself, "this does not look good". After, the 9 months until 2 years later I continued. My weight stayed at 180. I got complements, new friends, fun times, etc… I was able to practically float when I walked. I was stronger. I looked younger. I was back in the party scene. Young people from ages from 23-32 were phoning me and I was now included in events I would not have been. People would come out of the blue and talk to me. A woman friend of mine at a picnic made a comment to me when a girl probably 18 years of age approached my group and asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I thought that was odd and I said O.K., and then she blushed and said "naked". Like W.T.F. My friend then turned to me and said "what's with you?" The tranformation was noticeable. Another couple of friends of mine went to a bar, and women kept approaching me and later one of my friends said to me that my other friend wanted to know what the appeal was. He was amazed and disappointed. I was just amazed. There was a girl I knew. She was 600 lbs. In two years she went to 140 lbs. She told me that there was a body inside of her crying to get out. So those who think nature has defeated them have not really tried because it is possible to transform yourself. My problem is fifteen years later that I gained all that weight back, except this time the majority of it is solid muscle and a beer belly. Still trying to convince myself to get back into the lean look again. I just haven't gone into the full speed ahead mode yet, but I've targeted to at least hit a leaner look by the next naked bike ride. The lousy weather didn't help much this summer also, neither did sitting at the computer. So it is possible.

          • It's not like I have a belly. I wake up in the morning with a flat stomach. Later on in the day, I start to bloat probably after drinking a couple of beers, or a soft drink. This never happened when I was at my peak weight loss. I'll check out the book.

          • A lot of middle-aged spread (for guys) is associated with beer-belly. Not all, but a lot. If you look around Bavaria (where I live) you can see guys walking around with beachball tummies, and they stick right out front. Here, it's the beer.

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