A landscape

An oak tree, a vineyard, an olive grove, the white flowers of the shepherd’s purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris), and then the peat bog, the lake, the island in the middle, Mount Guglielmo and on the right the monastery of St. Peter in Lamosa (= by the Swamp) … the clean air of a windy day, the sun that everything colours with light: this is my landscape. Naked I breathe this landscape, I want it to mould me; it seems motionless, but it is always changing. Many people use a car (myself), a hoe, a bulldozer and rule the territory… and clothes to signify belonging, conventions and fidelity. I don’t even want to touch what I see, I don’t even want to understand it. I only know that as nature makes grass grow (and grass cannot not grow), so will it do with me: it will make me grow new thoughts, put aside old categories, with which I/we tried to understand the world – one-way. There is nothing to understand. Leave it, open up, undress: nature is not hostile, it is not an enemy. It is inside us, much more than we believe or know.

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  1. Thank you very much Les & SPI Maker for your appreciations. What I want to share with you and all the friends on this site, is not so much the “tourist” beauty of my area or the places of my excursions, but something deeper and personal. Thanks to nudity it is as if body, mind and sensations open to perceive the world and nature for what they are, and not only for the knowledge that I have of them. A vineyard or an olive grove are no longer a source of income, capital to be made fruitful with work, but they are wonders that enter into me and I feel day by day a little more similar to what I choose to see. The cities can be beautiful and more than beautiful, the churches, the museums, the squares, the 100,000 masterpieces of art and beauty scattered everywhere in Italy. But it is not the same beauty. It is not the same music. The whistle of a blackbird, the quiver of leaves in the wind, a cormorant that jumps flying after a noisy run-up are the music of life. You don’t need instruments to produce it. The natural world is full of life: and life is the most beautiful thing in the world. But without having stripped myself physically and mentally I would never have had access to this understanding. And so, in my photographs I frame the life I see, the perfect & chaotic order of the branches, the curves of the ground, the contours of the mountains and hills, the various colours and I am in tune with what I see, in balance, at (spirit) level with the world…

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