A rare visit.

We took a rare visit to a naturist club grounds a few days back, it was interesting to see people relaxing & enjoying a spell of warm weather yet still one or two people still had shorts on? As invited guests we felt awkward questioning why some folk didn’t strip totally and our hosts didn’t really seem too concerned. We got ourselves a great place on the lawn just by the boules pitch & not too far from the club house. There were quite a lot of people there and it was good to see some younger families really enjoying the atmosphere and all of the facilities available. A young mum and dad came and sat with us, their daughter aged 7 & their boy aged 5 just naturally ran freely all around the area and felt quite content at just joining in a ball game with others around their ages. The parents were Josie & Robert and both had amazing bronzed tans, making us look like ‘White Washed’ novices ! It seemed that someone had told the about us being a naturist family & our many years of living daily just as nature made us. The conversation wasn’t too ‘interrogational’ and it was obvious at times that Josie felt awkward asking about our experiences. She did say though that although they had a fairly relaxed & “laid back” life at home they tended to restrict their nudity until after 6pm when they were sure they would have no visitors unexpectedly. As the afternoon passed and the children seemed to have almost forgotten their parents, we realised that Robert & Josie were actually aiming at a lifestyle pretty much like the one we have always enjoyed. We swapped phone numbers and said maybe we could arrange to meet up again to talk more. Later we went into the clubhouse for a buffet ‘meal’ and watched as different generations & races just joined in a very pleasing atmosphere and there was absolutely no ‘disagreements’ at all. The woman serving at the bar was a small centre of attention as a quite good comedienne and she entertained all customers with raucous laughter & some ‘adult’ humour.

Just after 7pm we had to make our way home. Our wonderful time in a rare visit will live in our thoughts for quite some time. Our hosts Leslie & Ian took us right home and helped get us & our stuff back indoors. For a short time back in our own surroundings we felt lonely & restricted, but soon our home welcomed us and our own life’s routines made us feel ‘usual’ & ‘normal’ once more. Just us two and a carer (care-giver) Sarah getting sorted out and ready for bedtime after our shower. It had been a true pleasure & the few people wearing shorts were almost invisible in our mind, because it seems they were ‘reluctant’ visitors who did eventually (after around 4 hours) get naked and enjoyed their visit. Just as we had.


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  1. It sounds like everyone had a nice day. The closest resort to where I live is three and a half to four hours drive just to get there and with my wife not wanting to attend I have not bothered to go there. But we live out in the country where I have plenty of room to enjoy the good weather days by myself.

  2. It is always good to meet new people and see that they are wanting to live a natural life style. I enjoy it when i get home from work everyday, but we don’t have a club close by to be with other people like us.


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