A red carpet made especially for me?

Nature rewards me: it’s true, it’s just a little play of mine, things that come to me. I can’t read Nature’s thoughts, that is, if she has prepared this red carpet because she was waiting for me. I am sure that Nature does not have the same categories as I do, and I am pushing Nature into the funnel of my thinking. When I think about this, I see that Nature thinks bigger, has a bigger picture than I can imagine. For now, I thank her even for these childish thoughts: we are not immediately made men!

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    • Thanks Marc.

      Now that you make me think about it, it really seems that with my naked body I am absorbing this red, this nature, this beauty that strikes us. All I can think about is how good it is for me. But I also understand how little thought, understanding and words really are. Yet they tell me to stop, to give the message time to upload.

      • Hey Vittorio, what you are saying with words reflects what many of us, outdoor “free range” nudists, feel when wandering in our birthday suit in nature. Nothing comes close to being naked in nature, it just feels good, right, the way to be. It reminds us we were made, as animals, to be naked, not clothed. When naked in nature, we absorb light and air fully, in a way that cannot be explained, only experienced. It’s a little bit like learning how to ride a bike, you can write about it, you can read about, you can watch videos about, but you will only be able to ride a bike if you try, fall and try again until you succeed. This is also probably why most people don’t understand naturism, they don’t try fully.

    • Thank you too, Augustus.
      For the past ten years, I have made a habit of drinking my tea, coffee or herbal tea in the morning as soon as I get up, on the doorstep, in any weather – naked. These days I can say that I take a “cold air shower”. But I like to feel the changes in temperature, the breeze that passes over my skin: a unique knowledge. I think that my body knows nature, the world around it. And it establishes a relationship, a dialogue. I don’t suffer anything, neither too cold nor too hot. Once it was -7°C. We are not in Siberia or the Canadian prairies, everything is much milder, but I think that for those short minutes it takes to drink my cup of tea, I would like to feel on my skin what -20°C means.

    • Thank you so much, Andy.
      Comments on my photos are like ladles in soup: something unifies, something surfaces. I often ask myself questions about beauty (that of nature, not our “artistic” beauty): if I feel an attraction, there is a tuning, messages come as from a radio station. I don’t know how to put their content into words because I’ve noticed that they are not explicit messages or, according to our way of thinking: they are somewhat “magic wands” and you feel they do you a lot of good; I change my mood; it’s something that touches the deepest, most basic, vital feelings; my muscles tighten to my bones, my nerves firm up… that’s it: it’s really energy. You feel it, and it makes your life “beautiful”. And I am amazed that such an immaterial sensation comes from the body. And then I can only admire the way we are made.

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