As we grow older our bodies change. We get a bit thicker around the middle, parts of our bodies begin to sag. Age spots may appear on our skin. Some of our butts get a little droopy or develop dimples. Cellulite appears on our thighs. For many our sex drive slows down. It's disheartening for men, for women it's even worse.

That doesn't mean older people don't want to enjoy their bodies. We still like the feel of sunshine and fresh air on our skin. We still enjoy being around like-minded people. We still want to celebrate our clothes free philosophies and enjoy a clothes free lifestyle. The same holds true for those who have added weight, sometimes a lot of weight. Nudists, no matter how old they have gotten, or how heavy, still like to get naked.

This is one of the factors that make nudists special people. We accept people for who they are. We appreciate human diversity and the great variety of body shapes and sizes. Older people are simply older variations of who we humans are. Most of us aren't appalled or put off by wrinkles, grey hair or sagging body parts. We have respectful attitudes toward each other and respect the wisdom that comes with age. It's a shame the rest of society often doesn't have the same positive body image perspective that nudists have.

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