Age.. how peculiar it makes us!

My wife is very self conscious about her body & how age has changed her shape & weight etc. She has become more cautious about who see's her naked or just topless. I truly do empathise with her. I know that it is usually women that are more aware of their own physical appearance,(yes there are exceptions!)but after a lot of years in mixed naturist company I am much amazed at her sudden realizations. We are expecting house guests next weekend who have stayed before many times and usually get undressed within the first 30 mins. I overheard my wife on the phone to them yesterday making plans to meet them mid-way through their journey to us so that we can visit a couple of 'tourist attractions' in that locality. This is very unusual behaviour, I guess she is just using delay tactics to put off being naked with them.
We were re-arranging the spare bedroom furniture after it was decorated and I heard all kinds of mumblings about 'maybe this room isn't quite large enough for guests' and phrases like 'we ought to think about how we cope with the extra work around looking after visitors'.
Today we both had a totally naked day and even our neighbours grandson came in for his customary "Irish Coffee" drink, he seemed as much fun as usual and full of banter, he even gave my wife a hug as he left. She preened herself then re-lapsed into her self-critical mode. I know things will work out, it is just a phase, but maybe it is time to just ease back, we'll probably have a great time and invite them back before they even get dressed to go home.
Life can be very peculiar can't it!

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