An Interesting Encounter

I have been long frustrated by not being able to work in our front yard in my preferred mode of undress as we live in the city and at an intersection.  A few mornings ago I happened to awake shortly before 5:00 am and discovered that it was surprisingly light at that time.  I proceeded to go outside and wander around the yard and down the sidewalk and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to do so in relatively light conditions. 

I decided to get up early the next morning and go do some yard work in the front yard in the manner I always wished I could.  I had been busy for some time working away and not paying that much attention as the neighborhood was quiet and we are at the bottom of a hill with a retaining wall around the front of the property resulting in being a bit above street level.  As I was working away, something caused me to turn and look towards the street and I discovered what I believe was a man, I couldn’t tell for sure due to the hat the individual was wearing, but he or she was about 20 feet from me looking somewhat dismayed.  I looked at whoever it was and went back to my cutting and he/she walked away at some point without saying anything.  I don’t know if the person was more caught off guard by discovering me working nude in my yard or the fact that I was in that mode while cutting away some Blackberry vines that had come up through some of the bushes.

I went out this morning and dug up a couple of bushes that had died and replaced them all the while being more comfortable working in my front yard than I have ever been.  How I wish that was possible any time of day.


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  1. Agreed. We should be able to practice our life style without harassment from the textile world, but such is not the case. In Texas it is legal to be nude on your property and in your home. Unfortunately, neighbors will call the police if you practice this on your property. Nothing comes of it but you have upset neighbors. I put up a privacy fence in my back yard and that solves the problem. The issue is I shouldn’t happen at all. People are indoctrinated at a young age to believe that being naked is shameful. I pity them. They miss out on one of the biggest joys in life. I went to an episcopal church camp on an island in Bristol NH, and we hardly ever wore clothes. They are some of the best memories of my childhood and probably why I am a naturist to this day.


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