And then I told my Pastor . . .

Today I had an opportunity to talk to my Pastor with regards to me enjoying being nude. His reaction was twofold and he advised me:
1. As long as my wife and I are in agreement and
2. I need to be aware of my kids especially as they are close to puberty.

We did not discuss the social side of things as I know that my wife is not in agreement with that issue.

Two scripture issues that he brought up was Adam and Eve covering themselves because of shame of nakedness and the fact that two of Noah’s sons walked in with their back to Noah. I tried to explain that as a kid if you stole a cookie from the cookie jar and you were caught, you felt shame not because you stole but the fact you were caught. He laughed about that. And secondly I explained that some scholars believe that something was done to Noah ie raped or castrated.

In the end it was a good talk and as far as I can figure out he does not see anything wrong with nudity in the family and at the same time he also seemed interested in finding out more. So that he can look more into the subject more in depth. I told him about but I would like to know if there are other sites he could go and look at that has also got a strong Biblical Foundation.

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  1. Never forget that much of your battle is against "cultural" taboos and not religious.
    Using my own as an example, if one asked the pope about nudity he might laugh and point to the breasts decorating the ceiling above his head. If you ask an old everyday Irish priest you'll get brimstone. This crap goes all the way back to the Greek "Mind over Body" philosophy and has no real basis.

    • Thanks Rusty, in SA when they tried to make the first official Naturist Beach there were huge protest against lead by the "local Church" in the area. So over here Naturist is still a bit of a taboo. That is one reason I was scared to discuss this with my Pastor but at the same time we have such a good relationship that I knew he would not come down upon me like a ton of bricks. He is pretty much open minded and does not jump to conclusions.

  2. I have investigated this in the past, even though I am not a religious person. Here are some of the links I found and have just checked are still working!

    First, a very detailed (and therefore very long and wordy) study of biblical references:
    (No, I haven't read it all!)

    Next, this is what Wikipedia has:

    The Christian Naturist fellowship has this summary:
    (you would do well to browse more of their site)

    The above is a UK based group, I believe this is a US counterpart, so again worth exploring:

    There are other links to blogs, etc. that I could post, but I suspect the above is enough to be going on with for now!

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