Another day,another appointment.

My hospital appointments always bring stress & difficulties. I do tend to get stressed though when I am confronted by either people who have little regard for punctuality & by inaccurate records or incomplete files. Today was no exception and in many ways I exercised a greater deal of self control & forced smiles. I sat in the waiting area with just a plastic cup half filled with Luke warm tasteless liquid that almost resembled tea. It was only 40 minutes after my original time, I smiled through my gritted teeth when a woman asked if I was ready?. The consultant mumbled in an almost understandable monotone voice, then he asked me to undress from my hospital gown and lay on his examination table. His nurse/assistant almost broke into a laugh when she saw that I was naked, she said that I was supposed to keep my underwear on, that was impossible I told her because I never wear underwear! The consultant actually began using more than one dull tone, in fact he became very animated & his voice seemed to be searching for a reasonable level of volume and 'English Language'.
I actually asked the nurse/assistant to act as translator, which proved to be a very useful decision. After much prodding, pressing and then pointing at an illuminated X-ray plate, the consultant actually decided that I should continue with my medications pills & treatments as everything was pretty much as he had expected!
Being left totally alone naked & unsure what was going to happen next I just hoped that someone, anyone, would come along and let me know what I ought to do next. After about 5 minutes I saw the nurse/assistant enter an adjoining room, I asked if she could get me a gown so that I could return to where my clothes were. She beckoned me through into her room, then pointing to another door she said my things were across a corridor through an opposite door.
I went that way and soon realised that a lot of people were using that corridor as a through path. In that 30 seconds or so I guess around 20 strangers saw me cross the corridor!
That adventure over I smiled to think it had, overall, gone much better than usual, I am continuing pills & potions & I have shown myself to a very pleasant attractive nurse, a jumbled & incomprehensible consultant and many other 'possible' patients or visitors. Not even a smile came from those strangers, so maybe that corridor is where nude patients cross everyday?

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  1. All that I experienced in my hospital. I treat a sixth year. Prostate cancer – surgery, X-rays, chemicals, tablets reinforcement. Research tomograph every six months. a blood test (PSA) every six months. Currently, I have to report on the study in October. It's good. I'm alive! 🙂

  2. I'd like to affirm your conclusion, but I suspect the strangers are not smiling due to long waits and jumbled/incomprehensible consultants. Perhaps if you did a song and dance routine, you could cheer them; at least you brought a smile to the nurse/assistant! 🙂

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