Laundry Day

During summer the need for laundry days are limited. But now, during winter and working period, it’s of course needed from time to time. Today I booked the laundry room in my house of flats, with two efficient machines. So why not wash also the clothes I was wearing on my way to the laundry … Read more

Fake art

It’s easy today to convert photos to something that looks more like a piece of art. There are several options, different apps or programs that could be used. The functions

Painting nude

The Nude Painter

The Nude Painter Many angles There are many details that we don’t notice until there is a special reason. This summer I’ve got to study the many parts of a

Nudity in a theatre play

(Illustration only) During my last year in high school we had a series of activities in school highlighting important values to be followed in our school. Responsibility, respect and understanding,

Working at home

I have the possibility to do a lot at home of the reading and writing connected with my assignments. Some days starts early for travelling to business meetings, some days

Favourable destiny?

Similar beach… I remember one special holiday during young years, some time in the 1960’s. Our family; mum, dad, me and my brother; had hired a cottage somewhere at the

Locker room

As a regular at a training centre with gym and group training classes I’m frequent in locker rooms. It’s interesting to see the differences in behaviour regarding nudity. Too many


Well, why not arrange to be verfied I thought and so I did! Did not take long to get the verification. I’m a serious, life-long naturist, actively networking with other

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