Lake Monteynard, an hour’s drive from my home, is my favourite spot for kayaking. The central part of the lake is mostly used by windsurfers and kitesurfers but the two branches at the extremity are wild spaces of meanders between the cliffs. A timeless world where nudity is perfectly natural.


In this period of deconfinement of the pandemic, the practice of nautical activities has again been authorized. So, first outing of the year on Lake Monteynard.

My blog

I took advantage of this time of compulsory confinement because of the pandemic to rebuild my blog about naturist hiking. In fact I destroyed the old blog and I started a new visual theme. I especially changed the aspect and the presentation of the pictures. It was a long work to take all the images. … Read more


During this period of confinement exercise outings are permitted for 1 hour within a radius of 1 kilometre. I take the opportunity to explore the surroundings of the house.A path goes in the forest, normally used by the climbers who are going to reach a climbing area . From the small quiet horizontal path, a … Read more

Running despite confinement

Since Tuesday we have been in confinement to try to fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, so no more sports training with my group of runners that I used to meet twice a week. But short displacements, close to home, linked to the individual physical activity of people are still allowed with a … Read more


In September 2017, I had not found a geocache placed in an old wood coal mining site, where the remains of a metal vat were abandoned in the middle of the forest. I’m going back there at the beginning of February 2020. I easily find the site away from the path, search a little and … Read more

photo book

For my 70th birthday, my wife gave me a photo book made from pictures taken between my birth and this year. It is a beautiful gift that retraces my life. But as she is not a naturist, she put only very few pictures where I am naked. So I made my own naturist photo book. … Read more

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