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Okay, seems that the administrators have not fixed a bug yet. You all know which one, that blank by the notifications. Visitor, friend request, a comment on a blog? Who


I’ll be the first, last and anything in between to admit that nudity is fun. Whatever the excuse, whatever the venue, if nakedness is permissible, i am for it. The

Blogging as blood sport

We have a unique forum. Unlike other nudist sites, this one gives nudist bloggers an opportunity to select a topic and post relevant rants or subject matter pertaining to that


Do you shave? I don’t mean just face or legs. Do you ever get a haircut? Trim your nails? What is natural? I have a number of tattoos, and supposedly,


Last time i was a member, i posted enough blogs to be in the most blogs posted club. I posted 30. Yes, i m bragging. (And no i don’t capitalize

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