Clothesoptional society

I hope someday our human society will become really clothesoptional . The person himself will decide how many clothes to wear and whether to wear at all. Naked people on the streets will become the norm. Society is developing very rapidly now. Once homosexuality was persecuted, today LGBT proudly pass through many cities of the … Read more

The best suit!

How much time do we spend choosing clothes? How long do we stand in front of the mirror and decide what clothes to wear in the park? Blue or white shirt? Short or long dress? What kind of underwear to wear? But we forget the best suit is always with us. Suit made by Mother … Read more

About me.

My name is Artyom. I am 37 years old. I’m from Russia.  Once as a teenager, I completely undressed on the beach. It was a textile beach. My swimming trunks were wet and I took them off. And stood naked in the center of the textile beach … For a few minutes … My mother … Read more

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