1952 Ford 8N Tractor

The lady I bought my land from had an old tractor sitting out in the back yard.  It was buried halfway up its rims in mud as it had been there for at least four years since her husband passed away.   We traded it for custom-built handrails that I welded up for her front porch. … Read more

Living Naked

For the last many months as the weather has heated up in Central Texas, I’ve been spending the majority of my time naked. It has become almost natural now. I never wear clothes in the house and seldom do when outside around the acreage property to mow or work in the garden. Every once in … Read more

Naked Car Wash

It’s May 4th and it is 95 degrees in Seguin, Texas and the car needs washing.  Am I going to wear clothes?  Hell no! I’m going to do it naked as it should be done.  Way better!  ( VIDEO )

Naturist Yard Sign

Maybe you, like me, have a few private acres and need a yard sign to announce to visitors that they are entering a nudist area. I put together this simple sign that you can upload to an online sign website and have it printed. It generally costs around $20 including shipping to have a sign … Read more

Lots more laundry in the winter

It’s hard to miss the fact that I have to do a lot more laundry in the winter. Now that I’m retired and living full-time-naked out in the country, I can get by without having to wash clothes for over a month.   During the winter it has to be done once a week or the … Read more

Being and Nakedness

I was born naked. You would think everyone else was not. Ever since I can remember, clothing seemed completely unnecessary to me. As a kid, I swam naked, I slept naked, I played naked. Even though my friends insisted on wearing clothing I preferred the natural option. Now that I’m a Free Man, I take my freedom … Read more

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