Justifying Nudity

People have myriad ways of explaining why nudism is a great way to live, some of the reasons a bit corny, all of them heartfelt. They say it's good for your health. Maybe … it certainly doesn't have a negative effect on your health, but I&#039


For the life of me I don't get it. On one hand our society seems thoroughly engrossed in the human body. You see it in advertising, movies and TV shows and magazines. Adult websites are among the most popular sites on the Internet. Fire departments a


I was circumcised at birth and I'm at odds with it. In the U.S. during that era it was simply a matter of course. To some degree it still is, but parents in the U.S. are becoming more aware of the fact that it is unnatural and unnecessary. Some are e

Becoming a Social Nudist

The first thing someone new to social nudity notices is how friendly and accepting everyone is, how non-judgmental they are about your flaws, your weight, your age or the color of your skin. No matter how reluctant you are the first time you take off your

Body Acceptance

Many people are at odds with what their body looks like. It may be their bodies in general, or certain body parts. They are grateful nudity is generally considered shameful because that perspective allows them to keep their bodies hidden under a layer of


As we grow older our bodies change. We get a bit thicker around the middle, parts of our bodies begin to sag. Age spots may appear on our skin. Some of our butts get a little droopy or develop dimples. Cellulite appears on our thighs. For many our sex dri