Better or Worse (two)

Living in a 'clothes-free' home was about as natural as it can be, there was no pressure at all to put clothes on or to take them off. It was usually more comfortable to get rid of outdoor clothes once indoors! depending on the levels of heating

Better or Worse (one)

I have realised for many years how much love, happiness and kindness has come my way, maybe its fortunate that a majority of life events happen by chance. We can pre plan some things, we can take advantages when we spot a 'lucky-break'. I maybe

Grumpy Old Man

In the past 2 or 3 weeks I have had more & more days of constant pain. I have a daily dose of 17 tablets plus a morphine patch. Thankfully I have an excellent support system set up, thankfully I am also blessed with a wife that II love beyond worthy d

Dizzy & Sick

This short story is about my niece Lisa & a recent incident of her son being 'laughed at'. Lisa is now with heer new male partner, he has adopted a naturist lifestyle too, having known Lisa for 5 years.
One morning a month ago Lisa fell and

All White. . . No More

I felt a mixture of anger and sorrow. Why was all of this happening at such a lovely calm time of my life?
I decided to go to the woodland clearing to lay on the hammock, a peaceful oasis, a place where I could 're-balance' my thoughts and maybe

All White . .NOT!

Although the club grounds covered 26 acres and consisted of mainly natural woodlands with some small clearings, it began to be almost impossible to avoid Angela. One Wednesday afternoon I got myself stretched out on the lawned area of a seemingly disserte

All White. . .Always?

In the course of a few months it seemed to become almost impossible to avoid Angela. She joined the club that was a member of. I sat one afternoon chatting to a married couple who had just introduced their 16 year old daughter to the club. They were expla

All White again?

Sitting in the 'cooling area' with only the immaculate 'white woman' I felt strangely uncomfortable while she was completely relaxed? I couldn't figure why (with a lifetime of nakedness behind me) this quiet beautiful woman had un

All white loner

When I went to a naturist swim/sauna way back in the early 1980's I was trying out a completely new experience. What I didn't know was that although the majority of people there were friends of mine, there was a woman there who was to have a big

Down to bare details?

In our home there isn't too much clothing to be seen, either on ourselves or carelessly abandoned on some furniture or floor. If some random textile visitor is in our home they firstly have to overcome the nudity then possibly they may discover some

Boobs Away?

It's almost considered a joke situation now (by regular contributors on the Naktiv site), the arrival of Jehovah's Witnesses at the door of a naked person. No doubt you have either had a similar experience yourself or you have known someone who has. He

A Moving Experience

We're moving home soon, on 11th July we take up residence in a 2nd floor apartment near the city centre. It's in a block newly built and designed around people who need 'Extra-Care' which means it can be adapted in so many ways to deal

A century milestone

I got to thinking about "100" mainly because this is my 100th blog, I was just wondering how many more people are actually getting to 100 years old now. We have known many people who get well into their 90's and still have an active lifesty

Number 99.

This blog number 99!
That total is just mine!
So I thought about a verse,
A new blog is not my worst,
Poetry, as some will know,
Is what makes my soul flow,
Words in many shapes & sizes,
Written well can bring surprises,
So in this blog number 99
I t

Note. . Home Alone!

I often fall asleep in the mid afternoon, maybe just for 10 minutes or so, usually sat naked in my armchair and alone with the tv for 'background' companionship. Yesterday my nieces young son came to visit quite unexpectedly, he must have been s

Mrs Vera's Opinions

I just had an unusual conversation, it was with an elderly lady who is always known locally for her 'Victorian' attitudes & for her very polite & direct opinions on the very 'loose' morality of modern society. We had been chatt