Just The Spirit/Soul

I have been asked many times why I believe that spirits exist and visit our days. The only logical answer I can think of is.. because they do!. There isn't another explanation to what happens to our sole/spirit after the moment of death. We have vari

Ice On The Inside

I was born right at the beginning of the 1950's in a coal mining town, most families in those days had at least 4 children and many had more. In our area we had 3 bedroomed terraced houses and of course most were coal fired. No such thing as central

Stay awake next time !

Dozing off in my armchair isn't usually something that causes much laughter. Not even amongst those who are used to seeing a naked, fat, bald, hairy, snoring, farting old guy with a cushion clasped to his leg to prevent cramps. If you add a cheeky 12

Dressed, Ingognito ?

Our good friend Joanne came to see us yesterday. Nothing much unusual about that in itself, but what made me smile was the fact that both my wife & I were naked, Joanne stayed dressed because quite simply she is not a naturist. She does however wear s

Sun.. Sand.. small !

I lay almost motionless, pretending to sleep, the sun was almost directly over me, every person passing cast a shadow over my face. On Cap D'Agde beach in 1991 I lay naked and alone. All of my friends had gone to get drinks. I was left guarding just

The creature grew

Tattoos are difficult to assess for me. I always maintained that I don't like huge, ornate, elaborate tattoo's and much preferred the smaller, delicate, quietly placed versions. My late nephew had a huge tattoo. It began in his lower back area a

Shower Lazy Times

Lazing around after having had a shower is probably the best part of being naked at home, specially in a naturist household. From a very early age my sister & I were allowed to run around naked after bathtime, even up to our mid-teen years we never ru

Look.. No Willy!

We played in the back garden, when I was around 7 years old, with our cousin Susan who is about 2 years older than I am. My sister was just under 2 years younger than me. We had a large sheet spread out on the lawn, I had my swimming trunks on, the two fe

Rash words

A nurse had to come and 'attend' to me yesterday, for some odd reason I was having a bad reaction to some 'new' tablet my doctor had prescribed. I had developed a really irritating skin condition all over my torso. A lot of red blotche

Quiet.. barely a moment.

Very Many Years Ago I Had A Different Partner, (Before I married), & A Different Life!

With 4 children in the house ranging from 2 years old to 10 years old there is always going to be noise! Sometimes it's noise+tempers, quite often it's n

Pass The Gel !

When we were at a bleak, windswept, rainswept caravan with our cousin, way back in 1966 it seemed like an adventure and so very different. For many reasons this holiday was not like any that I imagine my school pals would be having. There was mam,my aunti

Knocked Off My Feet.

When I was around 15 years old, (nearly 50 years ago!) we travelled to visit my aunties house for a holiday. My mother was the twin of my auntie. My sister was 13 and we had two female cousins we were going to see one who was 17 and another was also 15. O

Gone.. ?

On 19th October 2015 my lovely nephew Keith passed away. 13 months after realising he had a tumour on his right temple and getting emergency surgery, through many long months of chemotherapy & radiotherapy, through many gallons of tears and words of h

Surprise Surprise

Surprise, surprise! I didn't think there would be any 'real' surprises in my daily life now at almost 65 years old. Maybe I have just become too settled into a routine life & regular habits on a daily basis, it would seem that almost ev

Are You Real?

99.9% of all naturists I have met in more than 60 years (in the real world NOT on-line)of enjoying a natural unclothed living, when & where possible, have said they longed for an opportunity to live entirely naked whenever they choose to. That was alw

A tear on my lips.

My sister Lorraine died in 1996 after a very tragic accident caused massive damage to her head & brain. At the hospital where she had been taken her situation was explained to me in graphic detail by a neuro-surgeon. I was given the heart rending task

Friends, who are they?

I think there is a word that is often used too easily, applied all too often in a very casual way. In some cases I suppose it can be easily accepted that a very casual acquaintance can be called 'friend'. I would agree more readily that a person

Goodnight Dad!

It may not be an accepted idea generally, but I do believe that my relatives that have passed away many years ago, are still around in spirit form. Not in any harmful or fearful way, but as a guiding & caring feeling, sense or presence. I know when my

A quick answer?

Many weeks ago in a casual conversation with a neighbour it was one of those moments when we both had an answer to a quiz poser, locked deep in our subconscious mind, really starting to irritate us both. After about 30 minutes of debating this question wh