Friends, who are they?

I think there is a word that is often used too easily, applied all too often in a very casual way. In some cases I suppose it can be easily accepted that a very casual acquaintance can be called 'friend'. I would agree more readily that a person

Goodnight Dad!

It may not be an accepted idea generally, but I do believe that my relatives that have passed away many years ago, are still around in spirit form. Not in any harmful or fearful way, but as a guiding & caring feeling, sense or presence. I know when my

A quick answer?

Many weeks ago in a casual conversation with a neighbour it was one of those moments when we both had an answer to a quiz poser, locked deep in our subconscious mind, really starting to irritate us both. After about 30 minutes of debating this question wh

Over My Shoulder 2

Out of the corner of my eye a shadow passes, or was it? Sitting at my computer I see my wife looking over my shoulder, or was it?
I sit in my armchair and reach forward to pick up my coffee, then before my fingers get to the mug it lifts up at least 2 in

Over My Shoulder

In a short while I will add a blog about some of the experiences shared between my wife & myself. We are in our 60's and only married in our 40's. We have so much in common in many varied ways, but one very definite common ground is our beli

Warning.. I'm Naked!

Some people are stunned to silence, some have a nervous laugh and mutter something like "oh really, are you serious?". Some just say "Ok, that's fine, no problem." A very few look disgusted and march away.
I never make a secret o

Images In 3D?

Printed copies of animal pictures, mainly cute dogs & cats, seem to be a craze in our house recently. Also along a communal corridor several 3D images of animals & flowers have appeared on walls, neatly framed. I must say that the 3D effects on so

Better Done Naked

Around the home there are many tasks that need doing daily & all of them can be completed naked without danger. (Frying pan catastrophe's are well noted as are burns from open oven doors!). I would hesitate to say what job is actually best done w

Holiday Dare

We just had a few days break in Great Yarmouth. The hotel was actually just a basic bed & breakfast place, the actual building was in drastic/urgent need of total renovation. The staff though were wonderful, very professional & so friendly. I sat

Problem of door knockers!

I don't know who has a problem with unwanted people coming to the door, but one of the advantages of being naked at such times is that they don't stay too long! (usually!). I know by now who I can answer the door naked to, also who would react q

Life Can Be Odd!

"You didn't notice I was not wearing clothes? Well I am pleased but not surprised." was a sentence I never thought I would find myself saying in daily routine life. This past few days we have had to have various workmen & decorators in

Barely Living

I used to think that 'normal people' would not take too kindly to nudity right in their own line of vision as it were. The sight of a naked person when you are not quite expecting it must surely take you 'out of your comfort zone' I gu

Be Happy, Be Naked!

If I was to give any advice to anyone who wants to be naked at home, but have worries about what neighbours or other unexpected prying folk might say, I would just say, "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" In your own home (inside) you can be naked as

Waiting… I don't !

The one thing guaranteed to get me agitated in almost any part of my life, in any building, in any setting, is being kept waiting way past an appointment time, without being given an explanation or a reason for the wait. I may be old fashioned but I still

Mum & Son & Sun

My niece & her 10 year old son were staying with us, that's fine they are naturists too. They have a very active, loud, busy lifestyle, we are quiet, not good! We get along fine because they unwind, calm down & spend time just relaxing, mostl

Among Friends.

<p><span style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: x-small;">I was recently asked if I had ever been the only naked person in a room full of clothed people. I didn't really think it was an odd question and had n

Who For?

We sat having a snack of biscuits & other little nibbles, four of us just being lazy in a rare warm afternoons sun. As often happens we each made pathetic attempts to 'suck in' that extra roll of flesh that seems to have appeared since last

Aches & Sun?

Sadly as I enter my 62nd year I find I suffer more with pain from my crumbling bones, a medical fact not an feeling. I have had various tests, x-rays, scans, probes etc etc and now I pop pain killer pills by the number every day. I know that doctors do wh

At Home, Barely

I wonder how many people are truly home naturists? I don't mean how many take all their clothes off at home, because lets face it that would be everybody! No, I mean how many people try to live 24/7 as naturists? When neighbours or family pop around