Be Happy, Be Naked!

If I was to give any advice to anyone who wants to be naked at home, but have worries about what neighbours or other unexpected prying folk might say, I would just say, "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" In your own home (inside) you can be naked as much as you want to be. If neighbours or passers by can see directly into your home invest in vertical blinds or fine mesh net curtains, two other alternatives for the more thrifty & determined nudist are, 1) rearrange your furniture so that for the most of your day you are not in direct line of view from the window, 2) just do nothing other than be careful when you get up and walk around.
Our way of dealing with inquisitive neighbours and impromptu callers was to just be honest, proud & loud, (well not loud!) tell anyone who needs to know "We are naturists, we prefer to be totally naked within our own home, we will cover if a guest insists on it, but we much prefer that you don't insist, after all it is our home & our life, see us naked or stay away" It may seem direct & harsh, but in reality it actually does work, our neighbours now accept without 'peeping' and on rare occasions they actually come in for a few moments.
It isn't easy we know to settle to a comfortable home naturist regime, even seasoned naturists will say that you must put clothes on to be polite to visitors etc; But our point is that our home is our life, when we go to another persons home we respect their lifestyle choices or stay away. We don't ask anyone to get naked, just accept us naked.
Give it a try, be happy!

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    • Hmmm, most kitchens tend to be located to the rear of a house plan, often with only one window above the sink. I wonder what the circumstances were that she could see him from the street, presumably below the waist?

  1. Thanks for these replies, it seems that some folk are really living as naturists, much as I do. If respect is mutually observed then we see no issues with being naked in textile situations. Our house seems to vary from 100% naked to 5% naked, depending on how many guests we have and if my wife will be naked with them. I am less concerned within our own home.

  2. I used to feel obliged to get dressed when we had visitors to our home. This knocked the edge off my enjoyment, especially if the visit was in the summer or lasted for hours or days. More recently I have been letting (non-nudist) guests know that I prefer to be naked unless they particularly object. In most cases they are happy for me to remain nude and the conversation then flows as normal.

  3. This mirrors my situation here. I live in a 4 plex / 2 level Apartment Bldg. I have stopped by each apartment and informed them of my lifestyle. All were positive and one really didn't care at all. When they come knocking on my door, they enter with the full knowledge that I am nude. As the article said, this is my home and I live it the way I see fit. I don't ask anyone to be nude (unless that is what they choose) just accept me for who I am. I do have the freedom to walk and visit the other tenants as we are all connected via a common hallway. This is the real meaning of Coexist! So, except for work, I'm living my life as the gods intended!

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