be here now…or later, whenever

Buddhism is about being in the moment, attentive to your surroundings and full awareness of your place in the world. Or a close proximity is often good enough. Okay, being able to walk with out stepping on something or tripping is usually all most of us can do, so how can we get to the point of being here now? I don't know, I'm not there yet. However, I do know that mindfulness is a very important and useful thing to get in the habit of using. I can't suggest guides or yogis or teachers, I would need to know someone personally to even be able to consider making a suggestion of that nature, and I am definitely not a teacher myself. So, where is this going? Well, nudism and yoga, nudism and Buddhism, nudism and spirituality, are all valid pairings. Yoga, aside from the current trendiness of it, practiced in the buff, allows for more freedom of movement. Less hang up on clothing, less expense and it presents the body with the caress of air, and smashes a bit of ego, all at once. Buddhism-wise, ego smashing, and no materialistic hang-ups.
And the same goes for any spirituality. It isn't just witches that practiced skyclad. There were nude baptisms in many churches back in the day. Google it. (My new mantra for when I don't feel like citing sources).
So, be here now, or later or whenever, it's also an open invitation, if you are nervous about being out as a nudist, don't worry. It's no one else's call. When you are a nudist, be the best nudist you can be. When you're textile, be textile, don't fret that you're not naked. Be in the moment and be happy at that moment, you can always yank everything off when you get home.

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