Being and Nakedness

I was born naked. You would think everyone else was not.

Ever since I can remember, clothing seemed completely unnecessary to me. As a kid, I swam naked, I slept naked, I played naked. Even though my friends insisted on wearing clothing I preferred the natural option.

Now that I’m a Free Man, I take my freedom seriously. I bought my 3.5 acres of land in the country and am almost finished building my dream house. It has been months since I’ve worn any clothing other than for trips to town for groceries and building materials. Even then, I select my shorty short shorts, a tank top and sandals.

My skin has never been healthier and happier and neither have I. My stress level has gone from 11 to maybe 1 now. My body is healthier and my mind is seriously calmer. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds and am eating healthy food almost all the time since it is too far to go for dining out.

There’s no doubt that I am still lonely but even though I think about it every day, it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. I remember that nobody else I’ve ever met understands Awesomeness therefore the chances of finding someone is quite minimal. Better to not stress over it. If that person exists, she/he will find me. If not then it was not meant to be.

I have only one neighbor in viewing range but they don’t mind if I run around naked. It’s high summer here in Texas and when it is 100 degrees every day with blazing sun relentlessly baking the land from 8 am to 8 pm and no significant cloud-cover, going Au Natural is a wonderful solution. Air conditioning is still a necessity but without the unnecessary insulation keeping your body heat in, you can set the thermostat higher and save so much money. My last electric bill was $75.00.

This morning, after breakfast, I went out and did a little yard-work and let the morning sun wash over my naked body. The air was still a little cool and it felt perfect. I am one with the natural world.

I wish everyone else could experience life this way. How much happier would we all be if we weren’t hindered with the stigma and incomprehensible misunderstanding that the body is an embarrassing thing that must be kept hidden. What is this? The 1800’s? We are all the same. Don’t worry about it. In a better dimension, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Save the world and save yourself. Be naked and be happy. Freedom is only .009 inches away.

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  1. Great background of your lifestyle! I also live out in the country, with acreage to enjoy and almost non-existent neighbors. The one neighbor I still have, and his father (passed away) that used to live on my side of the county road, have been the only ones with any view of my place…and very little view at that. Nonetheless, they both have seen me nude outdoors many times over the years, and have never made a single negative comment. I even mowed the elder man’s 1-1/2 acres a couple of times, while he recovered from hip surgery, completely nude. That even included parking the mower in his back yard and walking out to the road and down to my place for a beer break, wearing nothing but a ball cap and sunglasses. All he ever said was “thank you!”

    Keep enjoying the natural life!

  2. It’s interesting how we (most people?) tend to start with the central heating systems to warm us up in winter, and then in summer along comes the air conditioning. The vagaries of living in a warm mediterranean climate in my case, it’s still cool in winter. Having said that, in my case, it’s only really a problem when sitting at the keyboard. When active around the house/garden, it’s a quite amiable temperature. The rule seems to be “don’t sit on your butt”. Again, in my case 😉

  3. I too am fortunate to have neighbors who could care less about my running around naked, so you should be very grateful for that.

    As for your lonely life, you might try spending a few minutes every day visualizing your perfect mate who shares your passion for living a naked life. You might find that she comes into your life in the not too distant future. Mine did.

    BTW – as a Texan expatriate, what part of the state are you building in?

  4. What a great thing you have done / are doing. You tripped me up with the comment about the thermostat – around here (UK) turning it UP uses MORE energy – but that’s because it’s controlling the heating, not air conditioning… I know what you mean about being lonely, but deciding that if a suitable companion exists, then hopefully fate will intervene.

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