The (Un)reality of Nakedness I am reading "Divine Comedy" from Dante and found out that in next life, we'll have it naked. Well, it… ... Read more
At Work And With Adults When I was about to set out on the journey into employment, after leaving school life at 15, I felt… ... Read more
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A bright “Sparky” ! We have had so many experiences of people coming into our home and so many varied reactions from them. How… ... Read more
German TV Film This time a longer movie, about a nudistclub resort that will be sold to a owner of a clothingcompany. ... Read more
Springtime in February! February in Sweden is usually VERY cold, often around -10 and many days down to -20 (Celsius = -4F). But… ... Read more
Goat-willows are blossoming Spring is coming fast, it already looks like mid-March, but it is still February. This morning the surprise of a… ... Read more
Nudist or Naturist; a history of Dean “Hey, let’s take our clothes off”, he said. “What for?” I asked. “’Cause it’s more fun” he replied. At six… ... Read more
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