NATURISM or NUDISM. What’s different? Good day! My name is Mila and I am pleased to welcome You to my channel "Notes of a naturist".… ... Read more
Hypocrisy at its best. The double standars of Amazon on Nudity Every day we find countless examples of how hypocritical our society is. When we deal with "sensible" matters such as… ... Read more
Me – An introduction New to the site, I was asked (automated no doubt) to give a description of myself. I gladly obliged, only… ... Read more
self judgement We were talking last night. My wife and I. I tried Naturism this past summer. She was afraid to go.… ... Read more
Goodbye Goodbye 2015. A very mixed year that brought some serious peaks & troughs in our life. From the beauty of… ... Read more
Emotional Healing Through Proper Nudity A number of years ago a very dear friend of mine who I have a close brother/sister relationship with, went… ... Read more
Offensive Contemplation The other day I was talking to a co-worker about my trip to Pride over the previous weekend. As with… ... Read more
The (Un)reality of Nakedness I am reading "Divine Comedy" from Dante and found out that in next life, we'll have it naked. Well, it… ... Read more
Photographs & Selfies & why NEWT is great I'm on holiday in Taiwan and I am now in an old village which is famous for its old buildings.… ... Read more

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