Minimum requirements for site Profile photo What do people think the site Profile photo should contain? There are multiple possibilities, we can make the requirements strict… ... Read more
A naked hike in the snow as Spring beckons It's early March, and the snow still lies like a thick carpet over the fields and ditches of lower Bayern.… ... Read more
A winter hike along an alpine canal This month January has been particularly cold here in Bavaria, with many days a minus 10 degrees centigrade. It has… ... Read more
Stephen Gough finally makes it home! It's been a short while since Stephen Gough finally made it home, after struggling with the judicial system in puritanical… ... Read more
Mission statement, rules, etc. I've posted a couple of pages which outline the mission statement for the site, rationale for how the site is… ... Read more
Poll: Forums or groups or neither or both I'm undecided as to whether forums are useful for this site, or whether groups would be more useful, or neither.… ... Read more
Poll question: Why are there more male nudists than female? I posted this poll question, and it clearly requires more answers. Please post your suggestions here, and I'll modify the… ... Read more
Spencer Tunick in Munich The Spencer Tunick installation for the opening of the Munich Opera season with "The Ring". ... Read more
Snow still thick on the ground Still have lots of snow here at the moment. The dog's enjoying the walks, and there are great views, but… ... Read more

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