Haircut Just went to the hairdresser. On my left was a guy cutting the hair of another guy. They exchanged perhaps… ... Read more
Consumer rights against on-line mega companies Interesting article from the Art Model here: I have long thought about the unbalance that exists between us, the consumers… ... Read more
Loxie and Zoot A comic about nudists? Well... yeah! 'Cos nudists have adventures too, y'know. Loxie and Zoot just wanna have fun in… ... Read more
Facebook breastfeeding censorship Facebook claimed that breastfeeding photos violated its terms of service if they showed "an entire breast." Eventually it dropped the… ... Read more
Textile vultures This is on the Italian coast - the heat is intense, the ladies are out showing as much as they… ... Read more
Respect and tolerance Is it your partner you respect, or their clothes? Surely respect need not be a fear-based emotion, true respect begins… ... Read more

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