Es nuestra *derecha* ser desnudo a la playa!

Bueno escribado el articulo sobre “LA RESISTÈNCIA NUDISTA” de el CCN, pero queiro agregar algo. Penso es un idea in principio malo que necessitamos más señales para naturismo. El movimiento “gay” tiene *leyes* para su derechos. El movimiento naturismo tiene algo señales (alguna veces). El differencia viene de el caso que los gays “came out” … Read more

My nude walks

My last walk was short but nice. I was returning from a visit to a nudist beach on the Palcmanská Maša reservoir and I had a taste for free movement in nature. Not far from the road there is a small lookout tower with a cross. I pulled on my skinners and walked slowly up. It … Read more

Brian Johnson

Some of you may be familiar with Brian Johnson. He was a motivated naked hiking exponent, regular activist with the WNBR and the author of several hiking books across the GRs in the Pyrenees. He was a member of the NEWT in 2010. Recently in June 2021, while staying in his camper van, and practicing … Read more

Vittorio’s new clothes

I liked the framing, the arrangement of the shapes, the colours. I could never have suspected an action on the part of the oak. Later I saw the shot on the monitor, and something attracted me, something very vague. I the picture, again and again. Until I saw myself dressed by shadow: the oak had … Read more

The flavour of corn

To morning at 6:30 a.m., nature is already awake: the sun has woken her up: every single being is spoon-fed! And the day begins to turn, to grind away the time, the hours, one thing after another. The light has already dazzled me: it has only taken a few minutes. I know that there is … Read more

Acanthus 40 days later

In 40 days, the acanthus plants bloomed. Following the flowering of a plant is a spectacle that amazes and enchants. Attention is drawn to this beauty (it has been the same for thousands of years: it does not follow fashions, it does not follow canons. Yet it is a strong call, just like any sunset: … Read more

We need to keep fit in this pandemic

I’ve been running every day but I need to exercise other parts of the body especially my arms. I also need to improve my balance and stability and general suppleness. I did Shaolin Kung Fu as a kid and although I am a non-violent non-fighter, the moves are good for flexibility and general fitness and … Read more

A self-made nude-pass

Seen last night on self-funded TV ( The text sent by a viewer reads: “Freedom is also the courage to lay bare. When I paint, I feel free and naked.” It is the first time I’ve seen such a message. And it led me to this thought: before arriving at nudism, it is necessary to … Read more

Light is a stream

Light is a stream of energy that allow knowledge. Through the eyes, it goes to the brain and brings messages to my consciousness. Every living being benefits from light for growing and living. Plants don’t have eyes. They don’t move; they don’t need to know their place: but light is vital. Water needs light for … Read more

Senderismo Desnudo Europeo (Naked European Walking Tour)

El dia empezó con suficiente luz, y somos continuada tener buena suerte con el tiempo. Empezabamós ir arriba la colina en el mismo region que domingo, poco más este. Los caminos abren como arribamos. Pasabámos un pequeńo albergue de montaña en la valla alta. El camino ira todo derecho desde los precipicios cercan. Los perros, … Read more


Reflection is a word with multiple meanings. And just the reflection of the trees and me on the path flooded by the last rains led me to some reflections. 1) when we put a foot in the water, circles are generated one after the other that enlarge and move away: the circle is a geometric … Read more

The Healthy Embrace Of Nature

Last weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to hike and explore along the Stillaguamish River, near Arlington, Washington. It was a beautiful day for a four-mile walk, even though much of the route was in public view and required that I remain clothed. Fortunately, as with many public-access areas, the “public” doesn’t wander too … Read more

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