Facebook censorship and Figaro

Good to see that Facebook are getting a little mainstream media grief over their puritan censorship policies, at least in France: http://www.lefigaro.fr/actualite-france/2013/03/07/01016-20130307ARTFIG00619-facebook-contre-la-censure-quels-recours-possibles.php?m_i=HiIHeEriHzbEexPnkkpIj0ws8evsK%2BKgzYyeXJgi8vPCattH6 Et un de plus. Cette semaine, le Musée


Just went to the hairdresser. On my left was a guy cutting the hair of
another guy. They exchanged perhaps 30 words in the 15 mins I was
there. On my right were two women having their hair cut, polished and
dried, by two other women. They must ha

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