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ISBN 978-3-934020-68-9

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Richard Foley is a staunch advocate of naked living, and has, to my mind produced the best pictorial book yet on what naturism can, should, and must be. (Review in TNS Magazine) With the co-operation of the Edition Reuss publishing house, this book promotes people being Naktiv. For the project high resolution photographs of naked people being active in different situations were required, and we recieved hundreds of interesting submissions from our most excellent contributors . Topics included: riding and cycling, bowling, hiking and running, parades and protests, shopping and bowling, body-painting, etc., almost anything in fact other than the traditional nudist lying on the beach pretending to be an old lizard. Note that the emphasis in this book is on being active and naked in people's everyday life and recreation time. To reach an even larger audience, and to ensure the message is accessible to more people, the text of the book is in all three of the following languages: German, English and French!

This, and works like this, is a great opportunity to show what naked people can do, and how acceptable active public nudity is in the modern world. If you'd like to contribute some of your own photos to this website, or for future related ideas, please see the projects page. Thanks!