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I am a total noob here and still feeling my way around. Just after I got up the courage to start a nudity oriented blog on Tumblr, they decided to ban all “adult” content. Some folks are starting up petitions and figuring out ways to beat the new system. That’s not how I’m built. At my age, I don’t need that drama. Soooo… here I am. The format here is pretty different. I have already broken the ice…gotten over my fears of rejection and criticism and worry about what people think of me (none of my business).

Photo is yours truly helping with cleanup at BayBares after Hurricane Michael beat the crap out of our campground and member RVs. It is meant to be a gag shot with a tiny tool for the size  of the job. OSHA would not approve! Proper clothing was worn along with appropriate safety gear when chainsaws were actually live 🙂

My apologies for the huge image. I actually did optimize it. Still ironing out details of how stuff works around here.


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    • Thanks Richard. We lost most of our trees and are having a struggle to clean up the mess. Hope to reopen the park before the weather starts to warm up. Lots of damage to member RVs so we are occupied repairing leaks etc.

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