Chat provision onsite + related topics.

A number of people have expressed an interest in having a chat room onsite. There's been some discussion in the back rooms as to the best way of covering the fairly large network overhead and resources required to support this.

The current proposal is to fence off the chat system to a (low cost) subscription based part of the site. Along with this we might be able to also support video storage and other goodies. Utilizing space for Ads might also go some way to offset the costs, and is also being considered. The rest of the site, eg; most of the current facilities, would remain free to use for all logged in (no cost) members.

There is a poll associated with this question, for how to fund such a facility, here:

There is also a related poll for whether a chat facility is actually wanted at all, and if so, with what features, here:

The question is how much do people want a chat facility, etc, and how might it be supported.

Feedback welcome.

UPDATE: There has been some interest (pro-chat) in the idea of a chat facility here. However, there are sufficient (anti-chat) posts to indicate a fairly heavy swell of opinion against the idea too. Therefore, implementation of chat on the site will take a firm rain-check in the immediate term, perhaps to be revisited, in some form, at some undefined time, maybe. Thanks everybody, for all of your feedback.
(Exec. decision = no chat for now).

42 thoughts on “Chat provision onsite + related topics.”

  1. Please don't go down this route, it can be distructive. We can all use the messaging system and skype if we need to. I have not commented until now because chat rooms don't interest me but it seems that it is being persieted with despite very few people wanting it. If a chat room meant a pay site I would leave.

  2. I don't especially care if there is one or not, I wouldn't use it personally. We've all got free stuff like Skype etc available if we wanted it and it is quite complex technology to integrate. I'd urge caution though on these aspects: 1) Security / Hosting / Storage of Data etc. and 2) What level of moderation would be in place? My thoughts on the latter being that despite numerous messages / banners / policy etc regarding proper conduct, there are still regular postings or threads about absolute dross (even from some of the 'regulars') such as 'nice bush' or 'absolutely stunning lady' etc or dodgy photos / profiles which get deleted which in a live situation especially with webchat will inevitably deteriorate rapidly in some conversations. (Admittedly standards have improved lately) I guess what I'm heading to is this: Having that additional functionality on will alter the dynamic of the site and may just take you into a situation where the original ethos of the site is lost or watered down for ever.

  3. With so few people actually voting then I would suggest that not enough members are not interested at all in this topic. Therefore with respect the status quo should remain. If you count the abstentions as a "Stay as we are" vote then no change can be made.

  4. Skype, Google Hangouts are but two means by which people so inclined can chat. Maybe all that's needed is a group to facilitate chats via one of these channels. Unless you're able to provide something above and beyond these services it seems a lot of overhead to reinvent the wheel.

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