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The chill zone is a temporary place where site users are sent, usually to cool off, where their posting privileges have been rescinded for a short while. Often this is used when feeling are running high, when there are flame wars starting, or being fanned, or where inappropriate comments are being posted, not necessarily by you. The chill zone is somewhere to calm down, to recollect yourself, to consider your public behaviour onsite, to become more peaceful, in preparation for rejoining the active community.

The chill zone is NOT a punishment, it's a place to go to recoup your composure.

Nobody should feel aggrieved by being placed in the chill zone, although it is unsurprising if a user does feel so for a short while, especially if the situation is the result of high dudgeon on site. If you feel yourself wanting to "leave in a huff", then you are demonstrating precisely why we have the "chill zone" in the first place. Please give this a little time. The important thing is to remember that it is a temporary state, and that normal service will shortly be resumed. The usual length of a chill period is between several days and 10 days, depending mostly on available administrative resources.

Sometimes we all need a little time out.

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