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In 1972 I actually joined a naturist club, the only TWO unusual things about that were that firstly I had always maintained I would not join a club, secondly I actually joined with my sister! The reason being at that time the club in question had some rules about how many 'single males' they could allow to join, they said that they had to maintain equality of the sexes amongst singles. I thought for some while that they must be operating some kind of 'undercover' dating agency. (or should that be 'under-nocover'?). When their membership person realised that we were brother and sister and only just out of our teen years, he was amazed, when he later found that all of our family were naturists he almost gasped for air in shock. As he began to explain to my sister that on the first 3 visits she would be allowed to keep panties on but after that she must go nude like everyone else, she listened 'half interested' and stepped out of her shorts & removed her top, bra & panties almost in one smooth movement.
To say we raised a few eyebrows is an understatement! In the next few weeks we were lucky enough to have many quite hot days to visit the club and in that time there was a big event which saw lots of people coming on a visit from other clubs. I would guess there were nearly 150 visitors in total. We had previously booked ourselves into the club 'caravan' for our visit & so we were guaranteed accommodation. In fact when we realised a young couple were struggling to cope under a small tent, we invited them to share our place. So it soon came to pass that apparently we had broken a rule by taking the couple in with us! At the end of that short period of visits we had a major discussion with the club secretary about visitors rules. It seemed that because we were 'probationary' members our actions were being more closely monitored! Rather than get into the realms of anger & frustration we decided that we would just take a dignified exit for that summer and then return at a later date for hopefully a much better welcoming experience.
I haven't developed a dislike to clubs or their 'Committee Meetings & Rules' at all, but the sense of actually being 'new' members at some clubs is regarded as being some kind of 'lesser person' who needs to prove his or her worth as a naturist. Both myself and Lorraine did have many happy times at club grounds, both in active summer days in sports or swimming and in social events. Only on one night time event were we the only ones who remained naked. We actually had to explain to one woman that we truly are naturists, living naked is our usual way.
Well the club scene did eventually fade from my circle of activities, but that was after several years, so to be fair we did give it a very good 'trial' time.

Maybe I will relate other experiences at some later date?

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  1. I have been a member at AANR approved Nudist club for many years. The AANR sents the guidelines for the rules. Since nudism is not about sex, I don't understand clubs that don't accept single males.

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