Cold Night>Hot Tub?

As we step carefully into February the cold night temperatures often fall below -2c in the city & -5c in country area’s. Strangely we have thought about night time outdoor naked times, but the only reason nude activity is being considered is that some new friends have installed a huge (very huge) hot tub, they are planning to have a big ‘opening’ party on 10th February that will be a  ‘nude only’ event.

My loving wife has volunteered to take me and our friends from a few doors away. The only reason I am just a little hesitant is the possibility that lots of wine & lager will be consumed! I don’t doubt the intentions of the ‘party-goers’ at all, but for many years we have avoided ‘parties’ or ‘celebrations’ because the whole alcohol fed atmosphere of loudness and blasting music and the probable laughter-filled ‘fooling around’. I don’t fear any inappropriate  sexual behaviour at all.  The cold night air, the party popping antics, the hot-tub haze… would my aching body appreciate it? … I think not!

Would you and your ‘other-half’ go out nude in such cold temps for a ‘tub party’ ?



2 thoughts on “Cold Night>Hot Tub?”

  1. Patrick… you must be getting older! 🙂
    But having said that, I would not go either! It is -3 here at the moment and frankly “life is too short” for a nude drink in a hot tub, just waiting to freeze when you get out. I suggest you snuggle up warmly with you wife, in front of a blazing fire and “chill”
    Warm regards
    John (Just Naked)

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