Confessions of a single male: A Newbie

Hi, as some who have read my posts etc may know I am brand new to the world of naturism, in fact it really isn't something I'd ever thought of or considered I'd do until a whim this year took me to Barmouth, or Morffa Dryffn to be precise, earlier this year. My wife and daughter had gone away, the weather was scorching and I had a few loose days spare. Completely on a whim I took off to Barmouth, found a beautiful campsite near a waterfall and decided to seriously chill.

It was only whilst there I found out about the nudist area and decided on a whim to investigate. It certainly was a hike from where I'd parked and as I wandered along vast stretches of open, empty beach I found myself wondering 'Why am I doing this, it's bloody miles away!', though there were others that seemed to be on the same mission. When I got there it was obviously the busiest part of the beach, and I strolled through and I thought 'Would everyone point and laugh at me if I got my kit off?? Probably not' so I did, and I was right, no-one batted an eyelid, almost to the point where I wanted to jump up and down and shout 'Hey look I'm naked in public!!' but I didn't 🙂

Now although I'm a janner originally (born in Plymouth, Devon) and lived within minutes of many beautiful beaches, I've never really been a 'beach person' I'm ginger and paler than an albino mole rat, Dartmoor was more my bag, so inevitably after 10-20 mins I got bored. Now, could I get up and go for a stroll? I got up, surveyed the area, mainly to make sure no chavs were lurking to steal my gear and leave me butt-naked, and set off. In my naivety I had a right good ramble and went up into the dunes, didn't really think much about the guys bobbing up and down, though did get a little suss at their surreptitious use of binoculars, then happened across a couple in a dune and the woman let her legs drop as she lazily 'scratched' her inner thigh, whilst her partner watched my reaction (poker faced I hope) as I went by 'O, I see' I thought and made haste away. Then I reached the outer reaches of the naturist area and turned back, about the same time as a clothed couple, who seemed to find it highly amusing to be in a naturist area, but not wanting to seem ashamed by my nakedness I just strolled as I was then veered off to the sea for a dip. Eventually I got back to my gear, chilled a bit longer and went back up to the campsite.

The next day I decided to go back to the beach, but this time it really was a cloudless scorcher and there really isn't any shade or secluded areas, not even in the dunes, but I didn't fancy that at any rate! So I bought a half-moon beach tent, pitched it and chilled in there most of the day, occasionally going for a dip. Next to me were a couple of similar age, covered in tattoos and piercings. Now I have a few tattoos and couldn't help admiring every now and then, BIG FAUX PAS apparently, though I hadn't realised at the time, I had also been alone, not even my wife or daughter to talk to for a couple of days, so I made out to converse with this couple. I mentioned that I had tattoo envy, and got a grunt in reply, then that I should get some more to cover my pale skin as a self-deprecating joke and got a snort in reply. It was only on my way back that I considered the fact they thought I was being voyeuristic that I got the response I did. (This has happened once more, I'll elaborate in a bit).

Still, after my strange experiences naked on a Welsh beach, I was undeterred, when I got home I investigated areas closer to me that catered for naturist lifestyles. It was only then I discovered the gamut of social discrepancies and faux pas I committed. On one site a poll asking who you would least like to meet on a nudist beach had single naked male way out in the lead. Then I found out that the guys in the dunes are coined meerkats, I'd already figured out the swingers for myself 🙂 I joined a forum with the aim of gaining more insight into a clothes free lifestyle, but frankly my experiences there did eventually put me off.

In the meantime I discovered Clover Spa in Birmingham and thought I'd check it out, I must admit having no previous knowledge and no word-of-mouth to go by I was worried it would be like the typical Turkish Bath scenario, basically a pick-up joint for single men, but looking on their website and buoyed by the Hotel Inspector visit and review I dove in. It was still summertime and the weather was glorious, there was a hammock, which to me is the be all of relaxation, and there I spent most of my day, it was way too hot to use the spa facilities, but I had a bite to eat, chatted with the clothed staff and had a thoroughly relaxing time, to the point that the next week I returned. This time I had booked a massage, I lived in Thailand with my wife for three years and heartily recommend massages for many situations. I had never though had a naked massage, all was going well, then she asked me to turn over, that was fine, but when she got to my thigh the inevitable happened, I got aroused, only for a minute then she moved away, I kept my eyes closed the whole time and thought of Reginald Perrins Mother-in-law!! (forgive me if I'm being too graphic admin, let me know and I'll edit, or you can. I'm not trying to be sexual, just honest) I wanted to tell her it in no way demonstrated my desires its just laying naked on a table while an attractive young lady rubbed oil into my body nature took over. Anyway, my massage over I had time to chill for another hour or so before going to get changed. In the changing room there was a tattooed lady who had a design running from her shoulder, round her breast, over her tummy, and down her opposite thigh. I was bout to say 'Wow thats great' when her partner strutted in right up to me and strutted off again like a cockerel 'D'oh' I thought and went home. Now I have a number of tattoos and I want folk to look and admire them, I think if you're going to paint your body then you have a statement to make, or why have that beautiful artwork and go naked then lambast anyone that looks at it?? Maybe you guys can help me here..

And that was that for a long time, I got too busy, ran out of luxury money, and didn't go back, that was until the other week. I was under the weather and had to goto Brum on business. Unfortunately I left too late and missed the business opportunity, but not wanting to waste my day I thought 'Sod it, lets check out Clover again, see what its like in the cold'. I was so pleased. It was warm, cosy, friendly, and for the first time I got chatting to a single female, who was in her 50s and it turned out was there to give a talk during the upcoming couples weekend. She was enlightening, and completely open. It really changed my mind again, to the point where, when I got home I told my wife. I had mentioned I'd been on Morffa which I think she found amusing, but passed it off. But I told her I'd gone out of my way to go to a naked spa and got chatting with a another lady, in a purely platonic way, and thought it would be really nice if my wife would join me one time. At first she was bemused, then amused, then curious, then, I think, game. I showed her some flyers and the website, and she did agree that a relaxing spa break would be good for mind, body, and soul. Especially as she expecting our second child next June, and has had a rough first trimester. So I have booked us in for St Valentine W/E provisionally, if I can get the time off and we can get our daughter up to her grandparents for the weekend.

And that brings me right up to joining this site. I happened across it by accident, but liked the look of it, decided to take the plunge and add a naked photo of me, albeit a selfie for now, just to introduce myself. I'm really hoping that my wife takes to a clothes free lifestyle, I've suggested taking regular photos of the bump and might suggest we spend more time naked together around the house, obviously I picked a fine time to do it, middle of bloody winter, but hey-ho.

What I want from this is to meet like-minded people, I want some other women to tell my wife its OK. I also don't want to be tarred with that 'single-male' brush, that I'm some kind of voyeuristic letch just going naked to get a look at others, because thats not the case, of course I love the female body, they have all the right lumps in all the right places. But this has become more about accepting my body and the skin I'm in. Its making me happier person.

Anyhow, that was cathartic, and I hope tells you a bit about me. I've been just as embarrassed by my faux pas as anyone, but it all has been a new experience to me. I'll stop rambling now… Thanks for your time 🙂

I've kept this blog for just my 'friends' at the moment, for although I don't really know you, for whatever reason you have decided to befriend me on this site, and I'm a new convert, so instead of jumping up and down on the beach I'll do it here

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