Cosy Monday's Stroke!

It began as a normal Monday evening, if there is such a thing as 'normal' these days! We both cleared the kitchen of the evening meal stuff, all the pots & plates etc cleared and all the surfaces cleaned. We went into the lounge to relax and watch a couple of movies. Naked and pleasantly warm we just seemed to 'melt into' the big comfy armchairs that almost envelope your entire self in plush comfort, it's quite easy to just let yourself completely relax! Within about 10 minutes things started to change drastically!
Our neighbour has a key to our back door for 'emergency use only'. The noise of our door being unlocked made us jolt back to reality from our half-dazed status. I got up and managed to stumble towards our back patio, there I saw our neighbours 16 year old granddaughter Katy. She seemed almost hysterical and very frightened, not by the sight of this nude old man but already distressed. She spoke in very upset & tearful voice, please come to see grandma, she's had a stroke and the paramedic's are here, she said I have to get you & your wife now. We both hurried out and trough our adjoining gate, their back door stood open, Trevor stood over his wife as the medics fastened her onto a seat that they could take into the ambulance. Trevor guided us around to Janet's side and she smiled happily as she recognised us, she just about managed to say "Thank you, I needed to see you just in case I don't come back!" She grasped my hand as the medics began moving her towards the waiting emergency crew. Then she said "I knew the vision of you both like that would make me loads happier, thanks again."
As the ambulance left with Janet & Trevor plus their grand-daughter, we suddenly realised that there we were naked in our neighbours home and no real idea what to do next? We decided that we would just lock-up and return to our home and after a brief wait we would call the hospital to see how she was.
A panic, some stress & quite a few tears had suddenly changed our Monday routine, it made us laugh when we realised that neither the 2 paramedic's or the 2 ambulance crew had made any comment about the two naked old neighbours that had come dashing in the back door! Katy rang us soon afterwards to say that things were fine, it wasn't a full stroke after all, just a TIA and her grandma was likely to make a 95% recovery in a day or two.

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  1. I'm glad your neighbor is okay. People in an emergency and professionals helping them don't care how anyone is dressed or not. I saw a picture of firefighters rescuing a nude man on a ladder. They may talk about it later, but at the time it sure doesn't matter.

  2. Just goes to show you. Either the paramedics and ambulance crew will dine out on that story or they were too engrossed in their job to notice. Either that or Janet was being a little bit naughty in getting you round knowing that you would be naked LOL

  3. What an unusual tale (and I'm glad to see that it was not a stroke even though a TIA is not something to take lightly). It sounds like you have a very good relationship with your neighbour, perhaps you'll be able to have a laugh about it later. Although they said nothing at the time, I expect your appearance has been well discussed among the paramedics. They will have seen everything in the course of their jobs and I'm not surprised that they took the sudden appearance of two naked people in their stride. I hope that Monday evenings will be more peaceful in your neighbourhood in future and that your neighbour makes a good recovery.

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