We wanted to experience Croatia again and decided we wanted to try the islands.
We found a group trip to Rab and Losinj.
Both islands are so picturesque but without sandy beaches, mostly craggy rocks and need to have footware to get into the sea.
The first hotel was on the island of Rab, they had a free boat trip to a local beach near an FKK beach and for £1 per person the boat man would take you and pick you up to the nudist beach.
There were mostly Germans and Austrians but no problem. There were toilets and restaurants and a cocktail bar. When we returned the other members of the group wanted to know how we spent our day so we said that we tried out the nudist beach. Not one person gave us any negative vibes.
The next island was Losinj and the FKK beach was a 10 minute walk so any free days we went there for the all over tan, we were always open with anyone who asked how we spent our time. One lady confided that any time she was alone she would be naked in the garden.
Best to always be honest that you enjoy being naked.
If anyone wants more info on the holiday just ask.
There was an old couple who were from Liverpool, in their eighties, we had all been jigging about and my wife and myself decided to have an early night.
We were saying our goodbyes and the old lady said, Peter are you on the promise?
What could I say?

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