Dare To Bare & Care ?

With the spread of Coronavirus throughout Europe & the UK we certainly began to worry not only about our own health (being in an ‘At Risk’ group), but we also have to worry about the devoted & amazing care staff that come in to visit us 3 times daily. Although they now wear P.P.E. for their own safety aswell as ours, they look more & more like aliens ! We have to say a massive thank you to doctors, nurses and of course the carers. We did have a regular team that called on us over the last 3 years, now the team is becoming more varied due to needs being met elsewhere & to the needs of the carers themselves.  The 3 new people that have joined the ones we had, have soon got used to our “unusual” lifestyle and not so common family visitors who seem to take off coats & everything else when they come here.  We had to laugh heartily when one young woman who began clothing herself in her ‘Personal Protection Equipment’ said to us “Surely it would be easier if I got naked too and then just had a thorough shower before I leave here?”  Though it was said in jest it did seem like a wonderful idea to us. Should I suggest it to her supervisors ?. . . . Maybe not !

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